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  • I have this same problem once I updated to Social 2.5. Social 2.0 had the Facebook Share button show on all Facebook page broadcasts, but it doesn’t show in 2.5.

    I also tried disabling the Facebook page account and then re-activating it and still no luck. No share button when broadcasting to Facebook.

    This is also happening on one of my clients sites that uses the Social Plugin.

    Casey – Have you found a workaround for this, yet?

    Not yet… I’ve been hoping it will be in an update. For now, I don’t broadcast to my page, instead linking to my blog directly in a facebook status update. Kind of defeats the purpose, but it works.

    I’m doing the same thing. Hopefully the update will be sooner than later.

    I just ran into the same issue. Posts hit facebook perfectly, but there’s no “Share” button.

    Could it be, that the post to facebook is just some certain type of “facebook story”, which does not provide the share feature. Some types of “Milestone” on facebook seem to show this behavior.

    For those that are posting directly to Facebook as a work around for this issue. How are you getting this to work? We have tried manual posts in Facebook, but the comments/likes are not collected.

    I would appreciate your insights.

    following this issue

    Apparently, this is not considered an issue by the developers and has been closed. Looks like it might not be fixed:

    I’ve tested the issue on several various accounts, domains/installs, and have no share links on any of the posts broadcast by Social via the “Social Proxy by Mailchimp.” It appears that these posts are considered “status” posts by Facebook (as if you were posting a status to your wall) and therefore don’t get the share button just as those posts would not. Not sure if there’s a workaround at the plugin level.

    Are others posting manually to Facebook and getting the comments/likes posted on their blog post by Social? How are you accomplishing this? How are the posts formated? Do you have to broadcast to Facebook with Social to get the cron job to run for each post? Really like the this plug-in. If this issue was resolved I would love it. Thanks

    Plugin Contributor Alex King


    Social can only pull reactions from Facebook posts it sends.

    I’m having the same problem.

    The website in question is
    Check out the site’s Facebook page

    You’ll see that all entries posted via Social Proxy by Mailchimp have no “Share” link. Being an SEO company, having no “Share” link is kind of a big deal. Is there any way we can fix this issue?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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