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  • Hi,

    thank you for this great plugin. But as wordpress is more and more becoming a cms and pages have been around since …??? i am a bit surprised that you do not seem to have a broadcast function for pages, and also no manual adding / importing of social comments on pages.

    Surprised me even more as the commenting function on pages is included.

    So are the above-mentioned functions really not there or am i just not aware of how to activate?

    Otherwise: if it were possible to add that function it would be great.

    Kind regards, Viktor

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  • Use the “social_broadcasting_enabled_post_types” filter with a little custom code to enable whatever post types you like.

    Thanks a lot for the reply, but i do confess not knowing enough about coding to start using filters. And i somehow assume that this is true for about 90% percent of your users.

    So I would really appreciate if there was a nice option in the plugin where i can set this with a simple click.

    Now i know, you are doing the plugin for free, and i appreciate your work.

    But though it might not be polite to talk about your competition, the plugin wordbooker does a very good job of this. One can choose to enable it on posts and/or pages and you get a lot of options how you want it to work. NO coding needed.

    OK, he does not support twitter, but as far as facebook is concerned i would encourage you to take a look at what he does – and he does it all on his own; no whole group of developers, and for free as well.

    If any of this sounds like criticism: it is not meant be, please attribute it to me being german and maybe not knowing how to express myself in a way that it comes across as encouragement.

    Kind regards, Viktor

    I just installed Social yesterday and LOVE it. It solves so many problems.

    Like Viktor, I’d really like to use Social with pages, and like Viktor I would appreciate a bit more guidance for how to implement the solution you described, Alex.

    If there’s someone else with the skill to turn Alex’s answer into a set of instructions, there are at least two Social users who’d be grateful.

    Thank you!

    You can learn about the WordPress API here:

    I totally agree with both of these people. It would be much appreciated if Broadcast Pages was added into this plugin.


    Dear Alex, i am sure you have an awful lot of work on your desk, and maybe foun dour request disturbing.

    But as i do not seem to be the only one wishing for a standard integration of Social into pages i would kindly ask you to reconsider instead of just pointing us to the documentation how to code it ourselves (after we pointed out not to know about coding).

    How about picking up our suggestion for the next release?

    Kind regards, Viktor

    What he said

    While I have not yet had the time to teach myself the WordPress API, I have posted some details about how to hack the source code to get the desired effect.

    Hacking the WordPress Social Plugin to Include Pages in Addition to Posts

    Pages are considered a special type of post that is hierarchical. The Social plugin has a line that specifically excludes hierarchical posts from getting the social treatment. I just commented out the bit of code that checks to see whether a post is hierarchical.

    Yes, I will probably have to re-do that hack every time the Social plugin produces an update, but for now, I can live with the kludge.

    Thanks again for a wonderful plugin.

    I tried the professors solution, and it worked as far as posting is concerned. Thank you so much Profesor Jertz.

    Now all we have to do is:
    -get Alex King and mailchimp to adopt it
    -and what i do not know yet is, if social comments will also be imported for pages, because i do not see that button one finds with articles to check for social comments.

    But anyway, thanks again.

    I am still considerng switching back to Wordbooker, but this might stop me.

    Once more an urgent appeal to Alex king and Mailchimp to make social work for apges as well

    Kind regards, Viktor Leberecht



    Prof. Jerz, I tried adding the following comment to your blog but apparently the “WP-Sentinel” system you use is not very good. (Big red scary warning, you’re an attacker blah blah, “Variable comment of the POST method triggered the filter ‘common comment types’).

    Anyway, thanks for the quick hack. Here’s what I tried to post there:

    Guys, I’m pretty sure the “Find Social Comments” is just added to the WP 3.4 banner menu by Social, AND that it appears all the time, independent of and unrelated to the post OR the page you’re viewing. I don’t think Prof. Jerz’s hack changed it. (I haven’t applied the hack, and the Find Social menu appears everywhere as I describe.)

    FYI I’ve added a question on Hooks and Filters to the support forum on — Alex has mentioned it several times but I don’t see any actual documentation on the available filters…

    @bwp: in my self hosted wordpress blog (everything updated to the most recent versions) the “find social comments” does not appear in the menue. I have gone over the settings multiple times, there is no option for that.

    So i guess i´ll make that a separate support thread.



    Viktor, are you at WordPress 3.4.1? I think the reworked menu bar is brand new with that release. (And I think I liked it better the old way.)

    If you’re at that version of WordPress, and then you uninstall and reinstall Social, it should work…?

    Thx for trying to help. I already tried deactivating and reactivating. That did not work.
    I have opened a separate thread for this menue question



    Yes, I noticed… but you also marked it “Resolved”?

    Also, I suggested uninstalling(deleting the plugin)/reinstalling, not merely deactivating/reactivating. Kind of a big difference, and it might help…

    Thx again fro trying to help. I simply did not want to got to the trouble of having to set it all up again, which one often has to do when deleting and reinstalling (with some plugins the settings will not be kept when uninstalling). So i hoped for the easy solution with deactivating, which very often solves problems.

    I now tried uninstalling (deleting), cleaning up the database and reinstalling, but i still do not have those menues.

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