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  • Anybody have any ideas?

    Users beware — this widget has the WORST support of any widget I’ve ever experienced. 2 months and no answer…

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    What am I doing wrong?

    Don’t know, what have you tried? There is no magic mind reading here (most of the time) so when you just say “It’s not working” that’s not something that can be followed up on.

    this widget has the WORST … 2 months and no answer

    Looking at the support forum for that plugin, I’m pretty sure that’s not true. 😉 Also your question boils down to “Vimeo. Broken. Fix.”

    What have you done, what steps have you taken, what can you do to make it easier for the author or others to help you with your problem?

    Providing more information may help you get results to solve your problem.

    All my other links work, and clearly my custom icons are showing up. I’ve tried adding my vime URL with and without the ‘http’, with and without ‘www’. I even went back to the default icons and when I click the vimeo link all I get is the image of a lightboax loading. I changed the order of my icons. I deactivated, reactivated, deactivated, and so on several times. I tried to put the URL as and then tried….

    Nothing seems to work. All my other links are fine.

    Does vimeo need a special URL/callout?

    If you’re getting a lightbox, you think maybe… just maybe… it’s an issue with your lightbox plugin?

    Probably not.. I don’t know what the f I’m talking about.

    And forgive me for not stopping working 70 hours a week at my real job to pander to people who use this FREE plugin for WordPress. These support forums aren’t JUST for me to help. The idea of these support forums is for COMMUNITY involvement.

    People tend to forget that.

    I include an e-mail address several times through out my README.txt where you get more personalized support.

    I am not a group of developers like many of the 500k download apps. I’m a single developer. The great success of this plugin is the support I’ve provided over the years. Adding features, giving personalized support, etc… It’s one of the top downloaded and top used plugins because I care.

    I took time off of working on this plugin because my priorities got shifted, I’m working a crazy amount of hours at my day job, and I don’t have a lot of free time to go through support forums.

    My README.txt clearly states if you need support, e-mail me. I check that several times a day. I check these forums once every great while.

    Ummm…yeah…thanks for the help?

    You’re speaking 1n c0des. It’s time to unplug.

    Activate the plugin… Come back here and tell me when that’s done. I will have it solved in several minutes.

    Sorry.. activate Vimeo.

    And unplug? That’s what I was doing, but that wasn’t good enough for you.

    I threw this plugin up for a personal project of mine for an easier way to use it across multiple blogs.

    Somehow somebody found it, and it spread like a wildfire. I had no idea it would have as good of success as it has. I never expected it to reach 5000 downloads per week or to have 570k downloads. It started with 5 icons… It now has over 30.

    The total number of support requests I receive is staggering and I attempt to help each person out. They slip through the cracks. I never intended on this plugin being on hundreds of blogs’ “Top 10 Plugins You Must Have” lists. I never intended on supporting this thing at the level I have.

    I apologize if this doesn’t reach your standards. I needed a break from this thing. You’re the first person to call my support the “WORST.”

    I meant that I need to unplug, not you. Nonetheless, I apologize. The ‘worst’ was harsh and unwarranted. IT was my frustrations boiling over after trying to fix it for days.

    I didn’t realize this plug-in was just one person, and I was also hoping someone in the community would reach out. After 2 months of waiting and trying everything I could, I became frustrated. Apologies.

    I activated the vimeo icon and link.

    Do you have any kind of Vimeo plugin? Something that might pop open a lightbox with a Vimeo video in it?

    There appears to be some javascript errors in relation to Vimeo in the Console which would lead me to believe there is a plugin that automatically grabs any link going to and renders it in a lightbox. Because this isn’t actually a Vimeo video, it renders that lightbox loading screen.

    Try disabling whatever plugins that have anything to do with Vimeo.

    I had tried that already (and just tried it again). I have no Vimeo-related plug-ins. The only thing I can think is that somewhere in my theme something renders anything vimeo-related to be a lightbox image. And fixing that is far beyond my infantile (at-best) knowledge of code.

    The odd thing though, is that when I embed a vimeon link directly into a post (as in my ‘recent work’ section) it doesn’t read it as a lightbox.


    There it is…

    It appears that your theme is to blame.

    When you click on the Vimeo link, it generates an error in a javascript file that that code looks like this:
    var regExp = /http:\/\/(www\.)?\/(\d+)/;
    var match = movie_id.match(regExp);
    movie = ''+ match[2] +'?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0';

    What this is telling me is that it’s grabbing any links that have, grabs whatever is in the link, figures out which video you’re talking about, throws extra settings onto it and renders the vimeo video in a lightbox.

    So please contact your theme creator about how to fix this as I’ve never used that theme.

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