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  • Hi –
    LOVE the Social Media Widget. Super slick and easy to use.

    Any chance that Google+ functionality + updated matching button graphics will be incorporated soon?

    (I can send invites if needed for dev purposes)

    Alternatively, any tips on how to use the custom fields to set it up myself?

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  • Bump for the Google+1 field and button functionality.

    +1 for Google plus

    Bump G+ thanks

    Does anyone know how we can insert Google’s +1 icon into the Social Media Widget so that it will display inline with the other social media icons?

    My development server hard drive crashed during my recent move, so I won’t be able to add it until I rebuild that machine.

    Until I get this thing running, you can use the custom services boxes to add an icon.

    brian, have you been able to work on this yet?

    Sorry pkohn. I have not :*(. New job has me working 70hrs/week so I’m in bed or sick of developing by the time I get home.

    I promise I’ll pump out an update by mid-September adding Google+ support.



    Hi. Cannot figure out where the google 1 url is to be found. Can you help with this? I hate to add another widget just for that.

    Otherwise, great widget!




    Anyone figure the +1 thing out yet?



    Anyone? I really need Google Plus for my guide ( how to study for the mcat !

    Please, I really love this plugn so much :).



    Until the widget is updated, here are a series of steps to get a Google+ button on your WordPress site, based on my experience and the information already provided in the readme.txt of the widget.

    1) Download a set of Google+ icons
    There are a number of different icon sets out there. Here’s a link to the set I chose, which features “g+” and regular “+” icons in all standard sizes: “” This particular set is free for use, without attribution. You may want to rename the particular icons you want to keep them straight. For instance I renamed “32×32.png” to “googleplusicon.png”.

    2) Upload the icons you need onto your site
    As per the readme.txt included in the Social Media Widget, you need to upload the icons into a web-accessible directory. Do NOT put them in the Social Media Widget directory, as you will then lose them when the widget is uploaded. What I did is FTP to my site, and created an “icons” folder under “wp-content”.

    3) Figure out the URL of the icon you want
    Once you’ve done the upload, you can figure out the full path URL to the icon. For me, it ended up being: “”

    4) Figure out your Google+ id
    For some reason Google has only provided your profile as a long string of numbers. To figure out what your id is, go to your Google+ profile and look for the string of numbers in the URL bar. Mine, for example, is “102754391066567417046”. My profile URL is therefore “”.

    5) (OPTIONAL) Make a nicer looking Google+ profile URL
    If you want to make an easier to remember URL for your Google+ profile, there are a number of services. I used “” On their site you can enter your profile ID (the string of numbers) and a nickname that you want – they’ll then give you a nicer looking URL that redirects. So for example mine is now “”

    6) Bring it all together!
    Now you have your icon, and your Google+ profile URL. Go to the Social Media Widget in your WordPress Dashboard. Look for “Custom Services”. For “Custom Service Name” write “Google+”; for “Custom Service Icon URL” enter the URL you figured out in STEP 3; for “Custom Service Profile URL” enter your Google+ Profile URL as in STEP 4 OR STEP 5.

    That’s it, that’s all. If you have any questions about this particular method, I’ll try my best to help.



    There is actually a very simple solution to this.

    1) Go to and build you Google+1 button. You’ll get two pieces of code.
    One that will say: <!– Place this tag where you want the +1 button to render –>
    and one that will say: <!– Place this render call where appropriate –>

    2) Open up your header.php file and add the code under <!– Place this render call where appropriate –>

    3) Go to the Social Media Widget (this plugin) in the widgets area, in the settings for Widget Text add the second set of code: <!– Place this tag where you want the +1 button to render –>

    and voila!

    You can see it here:



    Social Media Widget update with Google+ support should be coming either tonight or tomorrow night.

    As I’ve stated in previous posts, my web server(and all files) died in my recent move. My new job was also having me work 60-70 hrs/week, so I neither had the time nor the desire to continue with the project until things slowed down and I got more time to devote to this passion.

    Unfortunately, my web server was a complete loss, so I’m just working with a VM from scratch. Downloading and installing CentOS as I type this so I can properly test.the coding is completed, but I won’t release it until I’m sure it works… which is why I say it’ll possibly be tomorrow.

    Anyway, I want to thank everybody for their patience as I worked through these issues and definitely for your continued support. I also want to thank everybody in this thread who has offered advice to get G+ added to the widget while I was MIA.

    I will definitely continue supporting this widget over time and hope you can forgive my tardiness and complete neglect of my project.



    Thanks for your work on this Brian.

    Do you need some webspace/wordpress install to work on things in the meantime? Perhaps I could lend something for a time if it’s appropriate or practical to you.



    adyo… Thanks for the offer, but I should be good. I’ve got my VM installed. Gonna get Apache configured, phpMyAdmin and WordPress installed and then I can test it.


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