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  • carolgreenie


    I just had the same problem. URL was easy enough to figure out (and yours looks right) but the custom icons pack full path is more difficult.
    You need to paste this into the top your header.php (just delete it again once you’re done):


    Then when you visit your page, the full path will appear at the top of the page – this is what you need for the custom icons path – with your extra “/wp-content/themes/executive/images/follow-icons-32/” at the end.
    Good luck.

    Mark Scott


    Hi, thanks for your help.

    I must have done something wrong because all that displayed was the code you gave me!



    I am also having the same problem and I followed the instructions above. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? These are my links.


    Thanks in advance!



    Too bad the developer isn’t responding to this. I know I have the correct paths (verified by host) and NADA! I really liked this widget. I’m going to try emailing him and if I get anything I’ll post back here.

    After no reply from the developer, I ended up changing the images in the default image gallery to use the ones I wanted!



    Mark, that’s smart. Of course if you ever upgrade they’ll be overwritten. I wanted them to be a different size than is provided. I was hoping by using custom images the size I wanted they’d display at that size. I’ll try your idea and see if that works for me. Thanks.



    Well that was not satisfactory. I was able to replace the 6 icons with the ones I wanted but only 5 of them displayed. I tried to add a new folder for 25px images but they’re not seen. I ended up just using the 32s and using CSS to space them better. I wanted 25 so they’d all fit in one line and the 16px are just too small for my needs.



    I heard back from the author immediately and he was very helpful. I’d missed a key factor…

    The reason it’s not working is that your icons aren’t named the same as mine.

    I thought I had it in my FAQ, but apparently I forgot to include it. I will add it in a later version.

    Your icons should be named the same as mine.

    AND….he also said… sorry for not responding to that thread. I’ve got a lot going on right now. I’m working essentially 12-14 hours per day and the new Star Wars MMO just released, so I haven’t dedicated a lot of time to checking in on my plugin. I usually just wait for e-mails to come in to help people that way.

    hoffmangraphics, thanks for all the updates.

    I really like the flexibility of this plugin, compared to other similar ones, so it’ll be great to be able to get it working properly.

    Aw. One reason I tried THIS plugin is that another one required PNGs (and non-custom names, but I do sometimes prefer GIFs – btw I already had the correct path thanks to my hosts’ help files before Googling/coming here). This one does, too, but it’s not in the readme.txt. THAT was my answer. Oh well. Just did some more pic editing.

    I also would have preferred to either have a preface (or after) with descriptions of how my icons are custom – for Google Images (I don’t mind, personally). OR alt tags for each image.

    Ah, well, but that could be a tip for a developer.

    BTW, I tried this plugin for that reason, and I stayed for better ones. 🙂

    Also make sure your icons are named properly.

    They need to be exactly the same as what I name my icons… for example:


    You can find them by going to wp-content/plugins/social-media-widget/images/default/32 and taking a look at the file names.

    I just had a huge issue with getting my custom icons to show. I had to go to my host and find out the actual path to my site, then I put that in and it worked.


    I was able to get the customized icons to work as well. If you use hostgator, you can read a detailed instructions here (

    The bottom line is that I got it to work using the following format (in my case):


    * CUSTOM ICONS PATH – /home/your-cpanel-user-id/public_html/wp-content/icons

    For those of you with Hostgator, you can also read more info here (

    Brian, thanks a lot for your awesome widget!

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 434688 bytes) in /home/efyselfc/public_html/wp-includes/media.php on line 258 please help me out this error repeated all times

    I wasn’t able to figure out my custom icons path, so I used the Custom Services Section, and put my own icons there. It was working fine, until I added a link to LinkedIn. And then the LinkedIn icon got replaced by the word LinkedIn.
    If it’s possible to make it work the way I have it, that would be great. But now I see my custom icons path probably didn’t work because my icons had an upper case first letter, and the developers doesn’t.

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