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[resolved] Forces USers to Display a Powered by Link (9 posts)

  1. gorillaagent
    Posted 4 years ago #

    This plugin violates the rules of wordpress. How is this available through the repository when the plugin forces a link onto all the users websites that states powered by: allone?

    The link that is forced on us is placed using an iframe and javascript so removing it yourself is a no-go as well. This should either not be offerved through the repository or needs the option to turn off the powered by link.

    I must sound like a douche but its annoying. I would pay for this plugin its rather nice other than the fact the link is not removable. I would not use any plugin that forces their link on my users nor should this be considered a "open source" or free plugin we are all giving this guy free advertising.


  2. Claude
    Plugin Author

    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi goarillaagent,

    we are all giving this guy free advertising.

    The OneAll Social Login is developed by a company, a team of professional developers is working on it ;)

    The link that is forced on us is placed using an iframe and javascript so removing it yourself is a no-go as well.

    The purpose of the iframe is not to force you to display a link. The iframe is technically speaking required to allow our API to handle the communication with the social networks.

    Social network APIs are constantly changing and being updated. We monitor these changes and automatically update our API so you can be sure Social Login will always run smoothly and with the most up-to-date API calls. Using an iframe is the best solution to keep your plugin always up-to-date.

    We are already working on a feature to remove the branding link. This is not a trivial development, the same iframe that is used in the WordPress plugin is used on tens of thousands websites and a many other platforms like Joomla, Drupal and PhpBB.

    We are working on it ;)

    In the meantime, just contact us through our support form. We would be glad to remove the branding for you ;)

  3. cubecolour
    Posted 4 years ago #

    gorillaagent if you have concerns with a plugin not following the rules for inclusion in the WordPress plugin directory, please report your concerns to plugins@wordpress.org. If it is found to not follow the rules, it will be removed.

  4. Shaan
    Posted 4 years ago #

    If you want to get rid of the branding from your Social Login plugin, follow these steps:
    1. Login to oneall.com
    2. Click on the site you want to edit
    3. Click on "Customization"
    4. Then choose whether you want the branding links or not
    So technically, they are not violating the rules. The Social Login plugin does give you the option to display the branding or not.

  5. The rule is:

    The plugin must not embed external links on the public site (like a "powered by" link) without explicitly asking the user's permission.

    Branding MUST be opt-in.

  6. Claude
    Plugin Author

    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi Ipstenu,

    the plugin itself does not embed any links, it's and interface to an external third party service and this third party service contains a link.

    One of my developers asked a question about it here:

    I then emailed plugins@wordpress.org, explained our case in detail and got an answer from Otto Moderator and Tech Ninja - WordPress.org

    Here an extract:
    [Plugins #1158638]: OneAll Social Login

    I have no particular problem with that branding link or method of integration. The owner of the blog should be aware that there is a branding link associated with it, and for the viewer of the site the branding link is good insofar as that it shows that they are giving their credentials to a third-party and not to the owner of the site.

    In this case, the owner of the site is explicitly having to choose to use your service, and probably has to sign up for said service as well, and so on. They're fully aware of what they're putting on their site.

  7. Yep, that's what Otto told me to :) It wasn't something I could easily test without having an account with y'all so I just passed it up and made sure it was recorded somewhere.

  8. Jon Schroeder
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Huh. They were working of getting rid of it? Working on a paid method to get rid of it doesn't really count.

    Lame. Guess I'll be looking for another plugin – I like it and would have probably bought it, but not a monthly fee for the privilege simply of not having to advertise for the company I'm paying.

  9. ninjaface
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Yeah, 9 dollars a month to remove branding?

    That's not a good price at all. Maybe 9 dollars ONE TIME payment is fair, of course with limitations on how many API calls made.

    9 dollars a month is a sheer rip off especially for new sites. Please update us with any alternative you can find. I don't recommended anyone paying that.

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