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  • I have a 3.3.2 MultiSite installation running Social 2.5. When I activate WP Super Cache 1.1 and set define( 'WP_CACHE', true ); in wp-config.php I get a fatal error:

    [Sat Jun 02 12:47:38 2012] [error] [client redacted] PHP Fatal error:  Class 'Social_Log' not found in /var/www/vhosts/redacted/httpdocs/wp-content/plugins/social/social.php on line 356, referer: https://redacted/wp-admin/network/plugins.php?activate=true&plugin_status=all&paged=1&s=

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  • I just got this as a nasty surprise too. Twitter-tools has just been updated and depends on the Social plugin. Luckily, because of this post, I could disable WP_CACHE. I would love to see a fix though.

    I don’t think that this corresponds to the WP_CACHE defintion. We’re using this plugin and WP Super Cache on several sites without problems. We’re using the htaccess method of caching, which one do you use?

    I’m using mod_rewrite (.htaccess) as well. Maybe it only happens in MultiSite?

    So we had (since today) one WP installation on 3.2.1 (I updated this one as well) and two others with the latest 3.4.2. All were/are working with WP Super Cache and Social and we have no problems at all.

    You should take a closer look at your WP Super Cache options and check if there may be some that can contradict the behaviour. Do you use debug mode or logging or something like this? Legacy mode… You should check if one of the options you have activated causes this error.

    Another thing you can do, just as a workaround though. When you open the social.php and go to line 356 it reads:

    Social::$log = Social_Log::factory();

    I don’t know exactly but I guess what this does is start some kind of logging. So you could try and outcomment this line with two Slashes like this:

    //Social::$log = Social_Log::factory();

    Then save the file an switch the WP CACHE defintion to true again.

    Kind regards.

    P.S.: And yes maybe it only happens on multisite. For this reason it would have been nice of c3iq if he had told us if he uses multisite as well.

    We are using Multisite. We’re using PHP caching as part of WP Super Cache. We have a dev server but I’m working on another project at the moment and can’t work on debugging the problem. When this initially happened I had to fix some paths around line 38 of twitter-tools/twitter-tools.php. Because it’s a heavily used service I couldn’t look any further.

    I would like to throw in that I recently run into this issue as well with a Multisite. As soon as I activate WP Super Cache (with the Social plugin already being activated), I get the PHP Fatal error: Class ‘Social_Log’ not found error.

    By default in the Social settings plugin, all the sites are set with…
    Broadcasting is on by default (Yes)
    – Doesn’t Pull in social comments from Facebook and Twitter (No)
    Disable Social’s comment display (use standard theme output instead) (Checked)
    Cron settings set to Manual
    Debug Mode is set to Off

    Seeing “Social_Log”, I assume it had something to do with the Debug Mode, but guess it doesn’t. I set the Cron settings to manual just to see if that would make a difference (even though Pull in social comments was already disabled), but it appears it had not.

    If ya need any other details, let me know.

    WordPress 3.5.1 (Multisite)
    PHP 5.2.17 (FastCGI)
    WP Super Cache 1.2

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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