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    I seem to only be having an issue with facebook at the moment. It just doesn’t seem to be pulling the posts and comments that are populated on my facebook page. I have added the page to my profile and connected just fine with choosing that specific page as my default, but still, nothing. I am on version 2.0

    Also, in my pulldown when commenting, I don’t seem to have the choice to comment as that particular page. It’s just showing my personal facebook as a choice.

    Love the plugin, don’t get me wrong, but facebook integration just doesn’t seem to be working correctly.

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  • I too have noticed that my facebook comments are not being pulled in.

    Try version 2.5 beta 2 (or wait for the full 2.5 release next week).

    This should be addressed there.

    I have the same issue, but I’m using version 2.5 (final). Should this still be an issue?

    Same issue here and I really need this solved quickly

    Yeah, I just downloaded the latest version and I see no change in the FB side of things. Any updates Alex?

    I’m wondering if this might be the issue (from the FAQ):

    Why are some of comments/posts not returning from Facebook right away?
    We have noticed some latency around the inclusion of some items when querying the Graph API. We have seen some comments and posts take up to 72 hours to be included in aggregation requests.

    Also @christicehurst, as a plugin developer myself, I can really feel resentful when people demand something be addressed or fixed quickly that I have provided to the community for free. Alex (and Crowd Favorite) have provided this generally awesome plugin to you for free! I can’t speak for Alex and I’m not saying this is how he feels; but if it were me, unless you have paid for support, it would be respectful to not make such demands.

    Couldn’t agree more with previous post. We get a lot of pretty amazing plugins from people who tirelessly spend their time developing for us “end users” with no real monetary reward and we should tread a bit lightly on this. I’ll wait out the 72 hours and try to be a little more helpful and specific if I still see the issue. The plugin is amazing to say the least!

    Version 2.5 addressed a specific issue of likes and comments not coming in on certain types of Facebook posts. If you are still seeing problems, one of the following is needed for someone to be able to effectively help:

    1. a patch, with some notes about what the changes fix
    2. detailed steps to reliably reproduce the problem

    We work hard to make sure that the code we release works reliably and as expected. With a plugin like Social, there are an unbelievable number of variables and dependencies. Sometimes issues are in the Social code, other times they are with an API, or a server configuration issue, or a… etc.

    I can understand the below posts and there’s a major event for us on Facebook and the blog next week so getting nervous some of the quirks of the plugin.If the plugin doesn’t work then it’s not providing the service.

    The postings are working again but one odd thing that you can view the facebook posting on a single view but not in the fan page itself. I’ll wait on it and see what happens.

    @alex King: I’m trying to figure out what the issues is, but I have a couple of questions that I hope you might be able to answer:

    It appears that aggregation is only being done using “aggregate_by_url” (not “aggregate_by_api”), which uses only publicly available data for Facebook. However, the Facebook Graph API supports Access Tokens. Does Social use Access Tokens? (My investigation has not found that it does.)

    In /lib/social/service/facebook.php, when/how is aggregate_by_api used?

    So, I’m not sure why, but it looks like the Broadcast flag wasn’t set properly when the post was made. I was able to hack it back in and reintegrate the comments. I don’t know if this is a one time problem or if I’ll see it again. I’ll keep working on it.


    I have the same problem, my twitter retweets are working, but my facebook comments and like’s arent. I have this problem since the new update, as prevously there was no problem.

    my site is

    Anyone who knows what the problem could be, or is there an other please where i can request some support on this?

    Thank you very much!



    Same here, but additionally, the tweets do not work, too. Even choosing the tweet for making comments and sending them just reloads the page… To be seen on

    I wish I could be more helpful, but I’m in fact not a coder. The issues seems to still exist. I am on the newest version (2.5) and tweets come in after about ten minutes. I post every post on our facebook page and it’s been a couple weeks with no comments from facebook, which is a public page. There have also been several shares on articles with the same link or re-shared from Facebook without anything showing on site.


    I am also having an issue with the twitter @anywhere not working. I’ve had to load @anywhere plus to make this part work. It worked on previous version.

    Let me know if you need further details.

    Likes and comments coming from my personal Facebook friends are showing up, as are Twitter comments, but nothing seems to want to come to my site comments list from my Facebook Page (comments or likes). Have I turned this off somehow?

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