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  • Hey there! Thank you so muuuuch for the plugin!

    I’m having an issue with the Facebook avatar when I comment after logging in with FB. Is there something I need to change in my settings or something?


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  • Also, just checked it, but after I logged in and then logged out from Facebook I tried going in with Twitter and I get a prompt asking me if I’ll use the same account or not.

    If I click on “Use another account”, the new popup just shows my website instead of a login to Twitter. Same thing happens with WordPress and OpenID logins too.

    Also, when trying to log onto, it asks for my address and when I input the info and click proceed it just shows a new window with a text message referring me to log in from

    Awesome! I got Twitter working (turns out the callback URL was wrong in the app), however, just like Facebook, it’s missing the avatar when I comment.

    Still no way to work with the login either.

    I’m having the same problems. It would be ideal if the person’s Facebook/Twitter user icons could appear next to the comment. I really want to promote social interaction and I feel like a bland placeholder icon isn’t great for that.

    I’d also like to be able to login with different accounts but it keeps defaulting me to my “admin” account even when I tell it to log me in with a different account 🙁

    Plugin Author thenbrent


    Regarding the first point, you can contact Ashwin at APP2 Technologies to see if he’s available for hire to add this feature.

    For the second, if you use the same email address for all 3rd party accounts, then WordPress treats it as the account as WP requires a unique email address for each user – for obvious reasons.

    I tried changing my WordPress email to something different than Facebook and that didn’t work. It still logged me in as admin.

    dizzyvapor, have you installed the Jetpack yet? It allows you to use hovercards and really promotes social interaction. Just a thought as I read your post.

    Also, remove your cookies out of your browser and make sure you do not have remember me checked at anytime.

    I’m poking around in Jetpack now. While it has a lot of handy features that I will make use of, I don’t think it really does what I want with comments. I like the Social Connect plugin since it allows users to login and comment on posts with a variety of social media accounts and integrates well (aside from the profile pictures not showing up of course). Willing to explore any very similar plugins though.

    Thanks for sharing Jetpack! Will definitely be using it.

    Yes unfortunately it doesn’t tie in with the registration and login / session system but it is my only reason for downloading jetpack.

    It’s hard for me to determine what’s going on with your avatars – since the site I’m using social connect with has it all working smoothly. I just tested it again, removing my user account from WP – then logging in with my FB account, posting a comment, and my picture is there again. You and astromono must have something in common in your FB profiles, or your WP installations / configuration settings that are hemming this up.

    I dunno, two other people have commented and their profile photos aren’t showing up. That or they aren’t really logging in with Facebook like they think they are. Facebook Connect seems to work nicely though and automatically logs you in if you’re on Facebook so maybe I’ll just go with that.

    Yeah there really are way too many solutions available for logging in with Facebook. I’ve found them all to be a little dissatisfying one way or another. In the end they all do the same so pick the one that goes with your template the best.

    I think I eventually went with SFC (simple facebook connect) or something a long the lines of that. I then installed one for twitter, and then came across social connect – and since it’s not showing any complications yet for me, I’m still much more satisfied with it then the rest.

    I was using Intense Debate, but since it doesn’t have support for users on a self-hosted installation, I’m now looking on how to do my own alternative to it.

    The issue with the Facebook avatar and Twitter could be put aside, but I’m still having problems when I try to log in using Twitter or WordPress and I get the errors I mentioned earlier, so now I’m at odds.

    It’s a really good plugin, but it’s still buggy for me.

    My site can not display the avatar, please help me

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