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  • Agreed, This is an insane change to a great plugin

    Yes, the new floating feature was a surprise! But you can go into the options and turn off that version and turn back on the “classic” version.

    True.. but why is it selected by default, even on existing installations…. bad decision IMO

    I agree as well. Sick and tired of updating this plugin, only to have to re-configure it every time because of new “features” and what not. In my case, switching to the classic version DOES NOT disable the skyscraper. Sure you could hide it using CSS. But the code is still there, making a web site take longer to load. That’s unacceptable.

    Anyone looking for the last version that does not have the skyscraper, it’s version 4.1.5

    Thank you sunkast for the link!
    It is much appreciated.
    I would hug you but I don’t know where you are.

    Michigan is too far for me today, so maybe some other time will be okay.
    I lived in Escanaba for awhile when I was still frosty and free.


    You have to do TWO things to turn it off.

    De-Activate the Skyscraper mode under – Skyscraper Options
    and then
    Activate the Classic mode under – Sociable Options

    That should get rid of it..

    I’m not that savvy on WordPress plugins & agree, they ruined it with the skyscraper. I do not know how to follow the instructions above to De-activate the Skyscraper mode/Options and Activate the Classic mode. Can someone please tell me exactly where to look. I clicked Edit on the plugin, but don’t see how to do this. Thanks for any help! I would love to get the old version back!

    Hi, I did not bother trying. I just downloaded the old version that sunkast linked to and installed it.

    Plugin Contributor sociable


    Hey “gregw2, SouthernHospitality, Grimpond, sunkast, DebNCgal”: Many thanks for your comments folks. Really appreciated. We´re hands on our Free Sociable Plug in since we´re commited to help you anytime spread your content!. Our next version will include your comments so you can go into the options and select Classic and/or Skyscraper version (not Skyscraper default), fixing 404 bugs and getting ready for you to share and enjoy! We´re sure gregw2 Sociable will continue being your favourite plug-in. Thank you people for helping us to improve our free tools that allow you and your readers to collaborate and share!


    Many thanks for the response! We all know that it is a free plugin and appreciate it very much. The complaints were because we all got so used to it being one way and then it changed again.

    Thank you for coming on and commenting.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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