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    Since upgrading to 2.9.5 (I am now using 2.9.12) and above on WordPress 2.6.3 (I am now using WP 2.7) and above, the sociable Facebook link no longer includes the blog post content. When linking from the sociable Facebook link, my blog meta description is added to the content field instead.

    FWIW- the sociable Linked In link works correctly

    Pleas advise and thanks in advance.

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  • I just tested this with my WP 2.7 install with version 2.9.12 of Sociable and am seeing the same issue.

    Can either of you pass me the link to their blog so I can test it? It’s working properly on my blog… Perhaps you’re using a plugin to create your meta descriptions?

    Thanks for looking into this.
    My blog is url is

    No plugin for meta descriptions I have a fairly steamlined plugin set. Let me know if you would like me to list them.

    Thanks again!

    3stripes: lovely pictures! Unfortunately, the description is not being sent by Sociable and seems to be impossible to sent by an outside source. Sociable is sending the title along with the URL and Facebook is even ignoring that, grabbing the page title instead, forcing you to alter it on submit…

    So, I’m afraid I can’t help it, and the same would occur if you’d use the Facebook javascript. If anyone has a solution, I’d love to hear it, but from reading the docs I’m guessing there IS no solution.

    Another thing is that I’m linking to sharer.php, I’ll change that to share.php, which has the Facebook menu along with it etc.

    Update: fixed that link from sharer.php to share.php in 2.9.13

    Thanks for looking into the issue… Facebook is now just being sent a URL to the blog (after a reinstall of the plugin). Looking at the sociable.php file it looks as if this is what you are passing it now.

    'Facebook' => Array(
    		'favicon' => 'facebook.png',
    		'url' => '',

    Having a picture, title and summary used to work correctly.. In fact, it still works on your site ( Can you point me to what your sociable.php shows for facebook?

    Again thanks for your efforts on this.

    FWIW – when I deleted my meta name=”description”, of my site, the facebook plugin worked correctly.

    Thanks again!

    Hey, my version is actually exactly the same as yours 🙂 Facebook extracts the image etc. by itself.

    I am having this same issue. Oddly it started with the two most recent posts in my blog, but is working okay on older posts. ???

    Something must be different with the two most recent posts on my blog with respect to the Sociable plug in. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I loved the simplicity of this plug in for Facebook.

    BTW this is definitely an issue with the 3.0.2 upgrade, as when I deleted that version and went back to 3.0.1, it all worked fine again. I am using WP 2.7.

    Joost de Valk


    art4mad though I understand how you came to your conclusion, you’re coming to the wrong one. 3.0.1 and 3.0.2 didn’t change anything with respect to sociable.

    As said: Sociable only send the URL to facebook, everything else is determined by Facebook…

    Ugh. So it’s a Facebook problem? That’s too bad, as then it’s unfixable. I was really enjoying the automatic creation of a thumbnail, title and excerpt with two clicks from my blog posts.

    Thanks for the help. Great plugin!

    Joost de Valk


    If someone would set this topic to resolved that would be much appreciated 🙂

    go to the sociable plugin folder and find sociable.php and at the 170th line find the code and make like this;

    ‘Facebook’ => Array(
    ‘favicon’ => ‘facebook.png’,
    ‘url’ => ‘’,

    i guess this ” &t=TITLE’,” code is making facebook’s mind confused 🙂
    after updating the file everything gone ok, thumbnails and description is being showed when sharing.

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