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  • Using Sociable Version 3.5.2 and WordPress 2.9.2 I am unable to re-activate sociable on a page once it has been deactivated for that specific page.

    Is this a bug or a wrong user behavior?

    Thanks for your assistance.

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  • I am having the same problem.
    Can anyone help with this?

    I have the same problem. When I try to uncheck “Sociable disabled?” And then update site, I always get “Sociable disabled?” checked again. I tried to deactivate plugin, delete it from ftp, upload it again, activate it and nothing happened.
    I also tried with “restore built-in defaults” from settings menu.

    Now I am wondering, where could I correct that manually? Perhaps with editing mysql database or something else?
    Thanks for help!

    Same problem. Occurred in 2.8.6 — and issue has remained the same after 2.9.2 upgrade.

    Please advise?


    I am new to wordpress. Can anyone tell me, where does this plugin store its data?

    I found the trick.
    Edit database of your wordpress. Go to table “wp_postmeta”
    Search for meta_key = “_sociableoff”. You will find for each post_id where sociable is disabled “meta_value” equal to 1.
    Change that value to 0 and it will be enabled again!

    Same problem. Occurred with 2.9.2. The database option cleared it up but, really, please Sociable… can we get this fixed?


    I’ve suffered the same problem too in a recent project.

    In order to make Sociable work correctly you have to replace these two functions “sociable_meta” and “sociable_insert_post” in file “sociable.php” by the ones I’ve pasted below, and that’s it…Sociable will be deactivated or reactivated at your will. TESTED!!


    Revised function sociable_meta:

    function sociable_meta($post) {
    	$sociableoff = false;
    	if (get_post_meta($post->ID,'_sociableoff',true)) {
    		$sociableoff = true;
    	<input type="checkbox" id="sociableoff" name="sociableoff" <?php checked($sociableoff); ?>/>
    	<label for="sociableoff"><?php _e('Sociable disabled?','sociable') ?></label>

    Revised function sociable_insert_post:

    function sociable_insert_post($pID) {
    	if ($_POST['sociableoff'] == 'on') {
    		add_post_meta($pID, '_sociableoff', true, true);
    	} else {
    		delete_post_meta($pID, '_sociableoff');

    This solution works up to WordPress 3.0.1 using Sociable 3.5.2.

    Hope this helps!!

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