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  • Hi,

    your WordPress-Plugin automatically loads scripts from other websites. This allows other websites (Facebook and Google) to get information about my users. This is a privacy problem.

    I’ve just seen that heise (a mayor german IT-newspaper) has a solution for this problem:
    No scripts are loaded from other websites. The icons for the social plugins are grayed out and if you hover over them you get the explanation: “This plugin is deactivated for privacy reasons. You have to click at it two times. The first time, the plugin gets loaded. The second time you can use it.”

    Just take a look at the bottom of the article:

    I think this is a very good solution and I guess it will reduce the load time when you call a page.

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  • Plugin Contributor sociable


    Hi themoosemind,

    is a great contribution, we will consider for future versions and options.

    Thanks for helping us improve Sociable!!

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    The plugin is closed.

    You cannot load any scripts, images,code or anything else from any other site unless you first tell the blog owner and they agree.

    Until this is done the plugin will not be returned.

    Eager to see this plugin updated and returned!



    @mark: I’m not quite sure if you closed the plugin because of my post. I hope not. I think it is clear for every WordPress owner that sociable can only work like this if the code from Google+/Facebook is loaded. And I guess many other WP-Plugins do it like this.
    @sociable: I’m sorry that your plugin got closed because of my post. I hope it will be back soon.

    To make one thing clear: I wanted the site visitor to be asked if a piece of code of Google+ / Facebook should be loaded, not the site owner.

    This might also be interesting:

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    To make one thing clear: I wanted the site visitor to be asked if a piece of code of Google+ / Facebook should be loaded, not the site owner.

    With regards to the behavior of other plugins, we only care about the site owner. They control the site, they control its behavior.

    With regards to loading Facebook/Google/Twitter/whatever scripts, it is acceptable to load these third party scripts as long as the behavior is opt-in.

    There’s also the “obviousness” test. If you have a plugin called “Facebook share”, then obviously it’s supposed to talk to Facebook. This is fine. If you have a switch in a plugin to enable a Google+ sharing button, then obviously it’s going to have to use Google’s code to do this. That’s acceptable.

    However, when a plugin start loading scripts and images from the creator of the plugin’s site and doesn’t make this loading of scripts optional, then we don’t allow that.

    Plugins should not contact any external sites until they have been told to do so by the person setting up/configuring the plugin, or for “obvious” cases.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    After examining this plugin and trading some emails with Sociable, the plugin has been re-listed.

    Plugin Contributor sociable


    Many thanks buddies, our team has been working hard on this unintentional issue that has been solved.

    @themoosemind, we really appreciate your feedback and we´re so glad we´re re-listed! Please, spread the word and let everybody know we´ve many improvements and new features coming soon.

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    I’ve just found a plugin which does exactly what I’ve searched for:

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