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  • Maybe this happened after I installed WP Super Cache or after I updated to WordPress 3.3. I am not sure. But what I need to do is to set the LIKE counter on certain posts to a specific number in order to pick it up where we left it.

    How can this be done?

    you can see my site at

    somehow it had something to do with the fact that I had change the permalink structure in order to enable WP Super Cache. Now, I changed it back to what it was before and everything looks the way it should be.

    Yes, the LIKES count come from the original URL that was sent to Twitter or Facebook when the post was first tweeted, liked or published.

    So, if the URL is changed to, the numbers will change, as the URL call to Facebook and Twitter is now different.

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    thanks NosCoffin, this is the answer

    I had the same problem, except the tweet & like buttons were on the homepage of my site, the address of which hasn’t changed, obviously.
    When I first installed Sociable, both tweets and likes were in double figures, but when I upgraded the sociable plugin they went to 0 and have remained there ever since..
    Any further suggestions gratefully received.


    Did you have change the permalink structure on your site in the interim before you upgraded? And especially the home page? For example, do you use a special URL or page for the home page, such as “Home” for page and home.php to call it? By default, WP will use index.php to generate the home page, but some themes use home.php to do so.

    Also, how long ago did you upgrade Sociable? Sometimes, it might take a day or two for the numbers to regenerate via Facebook and Twitter.

    Hi NosCoffin, thanks very much for your swift response;

    so no, I haven’t changed any of the things you mentioned.
    I did add an ID to a div in the sociable core file (liketweet) and changed the CSS to make the 3 buttons that I wanted line up better, but I did this before the upgrade and it worked fine at the time, just lost the numbers after upgrading.

    Have a look:
    It’s possible no-one’s liked it since, but the monthly podcasts appear to be gathering likes and tweets ( ) so it is working, just not picking up the previous ones.

    Oh, and I upgraded sociable in January 2012.
    Am scared to upgrade it again now!

    I just did a Facebook like on the home page and it picked it up fine, so new clicks are being picked up, as you mentioned.

    If the URLs themselves have not been changed either before or after you upgraded, then I am not sure what the issue is. The only thing I can think of is that you might have some posts under more than one category and that the new upgrade is picking up one of the two categories in the URL that the post was not originally submitted to.

    I had this issue with a client site of mine, after upgrading. It had originally posted stories to Category X, but the new upgrade was then submitting them to Category Y and I had install a new plugin that let her manually tell which category should be the one WordPress used as the default.

    I would suggest submitting this issue to the Sociable support page. I myself have nothing to do with this plugin, but have offered support to some people as I have worked with it a fair amount of the past two years.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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