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  • Hi

    I am running a blog with 2 languages (German and English) and would like to get a language related string from the field Tagline (as included in Sociable Options menu).

    Usually tags like [:de] or <!–:de–> and <!–:–> are separating the phrases from each other. A sample string would look like:
    [:de]Diesen Artikel weiterempfehlen:[:en]Recommend this article via:

    Is there any chance that you could change the plugin to make it returning the correct tagline according to the blog lanugage currently set?


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  • Plugin Contributor sociable


    Hi xflow!

    im trying to undrestand what do you want to do, please send me a link to your blog and little description to undestand better what you need

    thanks for writing and sorry about the delay


    The address of my blog is

    I am running it with two languages, German as default. The qTranslate plug-in does a great job to turn a blog into a multi language one.

    Since I am running my blog with two languages I need all titles and captions to be displayed in English as well as German, according to the language selected by the user.

    For example take the category menu in wp-admin. There is only 1 field to enter a category description, but if I enter a string like “[:de]Kategorie für Fotos[:en]Category for Photos” then WP automatically strips out the correct string according to the language the user has selected. Hence the function we’re talking about must be WP built-in.

    I want the same with Sociable. I want the content of the field Tagline to be displayed according to the selected user language by entering a string like [:de]Diesen Artikel weiterempfehlen:[:en]Recommend this article via:

    Hope you got my point 🙂

    Plugin Contributor sociable


    hi xflow!

    i get it!, thanks for give me the details, i downloaded the gTranslate plugin and triyed to use both plugins but i cant,

    im sorry about the delay but i was trying to doit


    Did you download the correct plugin? It’s qTranslate (Q) not g.

    You know there are so many fields in WordPress, fields like title of the blog, description of a category etc, also there are so many fields provided by other plug-ins, for example only take the plug-in providing Facebook integration. In all of them the method mentioned above always works. So it must be a WP built-in function. I can always enter a string like [:de]German text[:en]English text and WP automatically separates and display the correct substring according to the language the website has chosen.


    Plugin Contributor sociable


    hi Florian!

    i downloaded qTranslate but i write gTranslate.

    qTranslate rewrite the pattenr [:de] and [:en] before Sociable plugin write the tagline thats why it dont work with this plugins

    you can write a generic tagline who works in both languages


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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