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    first of all: Great plugin, love it.

    I am currently looking for a way to integrate the plugins / features of WP-Print & WP-Email into the Sociable Arrays and am hitting a brick wall here…

    What I have done so far:

  • Fresh & clean install of Sociable 3.0 (have been using the old plugin before)
  • Added two items to the Sociable “known sites” array
  • Setup the plugin accordingly
  • Array-code:

    'Artikel versenden' => Array(
           'favicon' => 'artikel_versenden.png',
           'url' => 'PERMALINK/emailpopup/',
           'spriteCoordinates' => Array(325,1),
         'Artikel ausdrucken' => Array(
           'favicon' => 'artikel_ausdrucken.gif',
           'url' => 'PERMALINK/print',
           'spriteCoordinates' => Array(343,37),

    What’s wrong:

    Both WP-Print and WP-Email make use of a tweaked URL-structure, meaning for an article to be processed by the plugin, they (Lester Chan) added a nofollow


    to the Permalink, rendering a new (in this case printerfriendly) page.

    I tried to generate such a URL from within Sociable but can’t get it to work. It needs to be relative (obviously), but when I use


    (see code above) it renders this:, therefore breaking the URL…

    Any workaround possible? Is it able to reset the “base info” to NULL, which would enable the PERMALINK-option? Any other commands than PERMALINK, TITLE, EXCERPT? Can I define one?

    Help is greatly appreciated!
    Thanks in advance…

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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