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  • Hello, Every time I write a post in my blog I used Sociable to share the post with my Facebook buddy, which is very nice cause As I constantly wrote about movies Sociable Create an Excerpt of the Post in question using the picture including in the post.

    All this is really amazing, as the message in facebook appear just like a post itself.

    But I don’t know why sometimes when I try to do this I just get the link to the post instead of excerpt.

    Is very strange cause everytime I use the same procedure to create the post or even to publish.

    Someone knows something here about this “bug”?

    My Blog is

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  • Hello,
    This problem happened to me too. And from my testing, it happens to all my post (not just sometimes). Anybody has a clue?

    @nehemoth: I tried to go to your blog and it seems the plugin are working fine. Did you already found a solution?


    I Have found a Pattern, After try it several time in the post that doesn’t works it lets me do it.

    Or sometimes I even wait some hours.

    Hope its works for you

    Thanks. Sadly, it didn’t seems to be the case for me. I’m on my 10th post (trying it several times today) and still the same.

    However, I did try to upload the exact same version of my site on different servers (one located in US, and the other one in Singapore) and the plugin seems to work just fine. I’m starting to think the problem lies on my server, or probably in the link between the sociable (or facebook?) server and mine.

    Does anyone know how the ‘share in facebook’ actually works? Does it needs facebook server to access the URL provided (the blog post)?

    Having the same problem. It’s really strange. With the older posts it works. The newer one just show title and link in Facebook. I even have one post that used to work, and now if I bookmark it again, it doesn’t work anymore.

    In a previous post someone assumed it might be connected with the meta description. And indeed this is one thing that I added in the meantime. But when I remove them again, it doesn’t change anything.

    I really would like to know what makes the older posts different from the newer ones in regard to Facebook.

    Has onyone an idea??

    Facebook has changed the way it doies it. My old bookmarklet stoped workign too and I deleted it and went back to facebook and added it again and it worked.

    How do we report this as a bug to the developer>

    Hi All,

    I was right. If you edit your sociable.php file and find the facebook entry, ad NEW to the url, so it should be and it will work.


    I’m having the same problem all over again, sadly I try to change the address as Scooterau said above, but sometimes works sometimes doesn’t, just as before.

    Can somebody point us to the right place to solve this?.

    Is really, really annoying

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