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  • Hi,

    I was a big fan of this plugin, especially the skyscraper options. Unfortunately over the past few months I noticed my site getting slower and slower until the past few weeks it just stopped loading all together throwing database errors and internal 500 errors.

    Eventually fed up and frustrated I started bug hunting (after blaming my host) through out the site, and eventually when I started disabling plugins I came to my sociable plugin, and once deactivating my site loaded normally again, within seconds. I thought maybe it was a fluke, so I enabled socialable one more time and once again my site grinded to a halt.

    I deactivated and the site was back to normal.

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  • richardpd


    I have just activated Sociable plugin on my blog after having it deactivated for along time but it stops the blog from loading at all now(error transferring data…).
    This is a shame!
    Is there any way to fix Sociable plugin? I would like to use it again if possible….
    Best wishes



    I have removed LinkedIn & Digg buttons from my Sociable & my site now loads normally again(so the problem is with LinkedIn & Digg?).
    It would be nice if these could be fixed somehow but I have to accept this for now!
    Best wishes

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