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  • powderboy: which function in your theme is showing the post meta tags below the post? The plugin itself is not outputting that code, so something in your theme or another plugin is doing that…

    As you said here, this issue was fixed, could you please resolve this topic? 🙂 thx!

    I have the same problem, only on the main page of my blog ( where I use <?php the_meta(); ?>

    Removing <?php the_meta(); ?> isn’t really an option for me I think, because I use it to display quotes, mood, and other custom fields. On my front page there isn’t any sociable code I’ve added. The wp-o-matic also has the same problem, but at least once I delete the values it generates, next time I update my post, they don’t reappear. Any ideas?

    It happens only after having upgraded to wp 2.7 yesterday.

    There’s no real other solution, you’ll have to change your theme to use the specific meta values you want to use. More & more plugins are using the post meta values to store stuff, as that is what these meta values were intended for…

    I can accept it when you say it’s my problem, and you don’t want to solve it. I don’t accept however that you say these meta values were intended for this. In WP itself it states: Custom fields can be used to add extra metadata to a post that you can use in your theme, with a link to using custom fields. The examples given there are exactly the things I use.

    It should be possible to have an option never to display certain data, as they’re only for internal use.

    It’s the only method WordPress provides to save info on a per post basis. Might be that the use of this has changed over time, but more and more plugins are doing this sort of saves, so even if I were to come up with a fix (and I have no clue how to), other plugins would give you the same issue.

    It’s not exactly a new problem, I believe this support question might be related somehow, but I’m not a developer.

    I’ve been happily using the Sociable plugin for quite some time, and this problem arose only after upgrading to 2.7. I didn’t have any problem before, even though I was using <?php the_meta(); ?> as well. I’m not sure where to look in order to try and fix things myself. Either something in the core of WP has changed, or in the Sociable plugin itself.

    For now I’m using an out of the box theme, instead of the one I kind of built myself, but it really is a pity I’ve lost all of my custom meta data.

    I don’t have a clue what the exact issue you have is Morgaine? Could you please explain a bit more?

    The issue is illustrated in this picture. It’s the custom field ‘sociable’ displaying where it should not, at least not as I understood the use of custom fields, when I read “custom fields can be used to add extra metadata to a post that you can use in your theme”, and as illustrated on using custom fields. The reason I linked to Trouble with Custom Fields in 2.0 is because I think it’s somehow a related problem, and people were indicating key values could be hidden, which can perhaps been done in the plugin, instead of in the wp core files. The problem, where _encloseme, _pingme and _wp_page_template were visible, where they shouldn’t have been, was solved in later version of wp by the way, but now seems to be back for your key (sociable).

    One more thing, since this problem only popped up after having upgraded to wp 2.7, and the latest version of sociable, and not before, even though I was using the exact same code in my post template, something must have changed in either wp 2.7, or in the sociable plugin itself.

    I imagine other users that are using custom fields might experience the same problem. Perhaps there is another plugin doing pretty much the same as yours without having this problem, but since I have been using this one for quite some time, I thought I’d signal the problem instead of just using another plugin.

    Well, I’m using the post_meta fields just like loads of other plugins are, which you probably haven’t installed. I’m afraid i can’t do anything more about it.

    Hi Morgaine

    Have you had any success dealing with this? Or can you suggest another similar plugin? I have had the same problem where I wanted to use custom fields and the Sociable plugin, which i found to be the most attractive bookmarking plugin. but I cannot have a sciable custom field displayed.


    I now use Sociable Zyblog Edition which doesn’t show this problem.

    Thanx Morgaine! Will check it out.

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