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  • I’m on WP 3.4 and Sociable 4.2.9 and I have a few issues with the plugin:

    Problems with solutions:

    1. The plugin changed the size of the titles of my posts (made them tiny). My guess is that it’s messing up the CSS of the theme. This guy found the solution:
    After the change in line 217 of skyscraper_output.php, you have to reset both the the Sociable and the Skyscraper options, uncheck “Active Sociable Classic” under Sociable options and save, then check “Active Skyscraper” under Skyscraper options and save.

    2. This guy found a spelling error in your code that might affect it. In v4.2.9 it’s in line 356 of sociable_output.php – height is misspelled as heigth (switch T and H). Not sure how it’s affecting the plugin but you (developers of the plugin) might want to fix/address this.

    Problems I’m still not sure how to fix (help please! anyone?!?)
    1. In Skyscraper options, under the Locations tab, I unchecked ALL but Posts yet the Skyscraper appears on ALL of my pages (home, pages, archives, etc). Under the Sociable options (not the Skyscraper options), I tried unchecking and checking both “Use styleSheet” and “Automatic mode” but no luck (I’m now thinking these only affect the classic sociable options and not the Skyscraper anyhow, since these options are not available in the Skyscraper options).

    2. How do I get rid of the tiny “Sociable” tab (that links to to the left of the Skyscraper?

    If anyone can help on these two issues that would be super!

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