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  • I’m hosting and managing a WordPress-based lesson swap site for my classmates in an Elementary Education program. Posts contain lesson plans and categories are based on grade and subject.

    Some of them are moderately technologically inept, so I don’t want to tell them to edit each other’s posts–yikes! But, I do want them to be able to at least suggest, if not actually add, categories for each other’s posts; for example, a lesson intended for second grade could also work with third. I don’t want them to just say so in a comment; it’d look tacky and be hard to keep track of if the site gets busy. My programming skills are crap so I’m looking for a plugin. Does anyone know if this even exists and where to find it?


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  • Just upgraded to 2.2, does that make this kind of thing any more possible?

    The funny answer is yeah, there IS a plugin to suggest categories, it’s called email. Or IM. Or post a Comment. So you’d put the link on your site, “Suggest a category, click here” that links to your-permalink#respond

    Second option, *if* the people Login and *if* you granted them sufficient permissions, they could tweak the Categories in the backend. You might try User Roles plugin to carefully control the permissions for registered users.

    Third option — I really believe this one — you’re probably looking for Tags, not Categories. From everything I’ve read about the Web 2.0 and all that, Tags are really geared towards this kind of community-driven, mass-input: aka “tagging”, like you do at Flickr, LastFM, etc.

    There’s some blog posts from WordPress scenesters talking about the differences in cats vs. tags. Search for it. Basically categories are broader, fewer, and more admin oriented. Tags are anything from specific to broad, Many tags per post, and user-input-driven. Tags are like keywords. Plus there are ways for tags to work cross-site (like if your tag matches a tag on Technorati). There are various ways to display the popular or all tags on your site. There are ways to automatically generate tags for every post by scanning the text for favored keywords.

    There are lots of Tag plugins, you want one that allows anyone to add or suggest tags. I think that exists.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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