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  • Plugin Author Jay Versluis


    Hi psalamon,

    Did you use the automation feature? There is an option which creates a new snapshot every two minutes, this is meant for testing. Was that switched on by any chance?

    Who are you hosting with?

    I’ve also had an issue with Snapshot Backup causing havoc on the server my sites are on. It wasn’t that it was backing up every 2 minutes. (I had it set to backup every week or every 2 weeks for some sites, based on update usage. The “every 2 minutes” backup on one site took the server down the first time.)

    The problem was – although I was storing the files via FTP to a directory above the directories I was backing up, it seemed to be compounding the size of the archive with each backup. (I’m guessing because it stores the file within the wp-content/uploads directory?) I noticed this compounding size increase even with sites I had let go dormant for months, so I know it’s not that my clients were being prolific or uploading ridiculously sized images.

    In any case, my host (BlueHost) shut all 35 of my sites down due to this memory hog issue. Instead of having a file sum total of 3GB, my public_html directory was 20GB! So, I will not be using or recommending this plugin at this point. I’m back to WordPress Backup, which only backs up the Plugins/Uploads and current Theme folder.

    I really wanted this to be my backup plugin of choice… and it was, until it took my sites down… twice within the past 6 months.

    Plugin Author Jay Versluis


    Thanks for your feedback jeeni, it’s much appreciated. That’s not good news at all, you’ve made the right decision not to use my plugin anymore if it causes more problems than it is supposed to solve.

    Sadly I can’t reproduce any of these issues on my own system (which is not with Bluehost) and therefore I won’t be able to solve them for you anytime soon.

    If you’re looking for an alternative that has the same philosophy (but a much better developer than I will ever be) checkout Daniel Huesken’s – it’s pretty much what I was trying to build. Backs up your entire installation to FTP, a local folder, Amazon AWS, Dropbox, the whole nine yards. Did I mention it’s free?

    Thanks for trying Snapshot Backup 😉

    Thanks for your response, Jay – yea, I wish I could use your plugin, but instead, I’ll just set a reminder to backup my whole hosting directory every week – less fuss to just have 1 big backup than lots of little ones (aside from having to remember to do it! That’s what I liked very much about your plugin!)

    I’ll check out Daniel’s site before I make that decision for my long-term plans, but as time is currently short, I’ll just do a manual one tonight before I go to sleep 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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