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  • Hey quinze,

    You really set up an awesome plugin which really adds some extra value to the blogroll.

    But, as I installed it over the last days, I came across a problem.

    It startet out with an odd 1px line underneath the widget, which was piercing right into the next sidebar, as it was quite a bit to long for the sidebar in which the widget is placed.
    I located that it came from the fact that the plugin uses the

  • tag and therefore wanted to place a bottom-border as for all
  • elements in that sidebar. So far so good, but in the actual php code I found that the widget width is set to 252px, which created the piercing of the nearby 2nd sidebar.

    I managed to find a dirty workaround by simply excluding the bottom-border for the “snap my roll” widget, but I guess quite a lot of people will have problems with the fixed sidebar width.

    Could you possibly change the widget to a flexible width?

    Another minor problem is that the functions.php seems to be recognized by WordPress as independent plugin, which can be activated via the plugin page.
    What also seemed odd is that the websnapr key appears to be placed somewhere in the content folder, wouldn’t it be nicer to place it in the DB?

    Seems like a lot of criticism but I really like the basics of the plugin and desperately wanted it to work 😀



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