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    For all of you out there that think open source should be open source and get annoyed when a free plug-in becomes a free SEO plug for the original developer. I mean, SERIOUSLY I’ve never seen so much self-promotional crap all over a plugin IN MY LIFE. If it’s not enough that your user interface has virtually NO CSS to make your forms line up correctly, you make all end-users visit your shitty looking website for more information. Dude, save your link spamming for the back-end.

    The reason you can’t find the commercial links in the source code is because that part of the HTML is encrypted. If you open sms-text-message.php, you’ll see a large string of code after this:
    <? eval(gzinflate(str_rot13(base64_decode(‘
    All it is is the select close tag and the input submit button. If you take a good look you can probably figure it out without having to run it through a decoder.

    If you’re stuck, you can always copy the long string and run it through this decrypter:


    Bobby Duebelbeis
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    Yeah, I saw that from your earlier comment.

    That plugin is on WordPress.ORG repository but that code is not compatible with the GPL. Which means either the author should change the code or it should be removed from the repo.

    All that nonsense 6417 bytes, just to get 302 bytes of HTML. It would be appropriate for the author to just put the un-obfuscated code on the WordPress.ORG plugin repository.

    I have removed that link two times now and just updated to the new version. Now the link in back. WHY!??? I dont want “semper fi” on my webpage! please make it so it can be removed. I LOVE the plugin but really dont want to advertise that link on my homepage. I can put a link somewhere else if it is that important to you, i understand you put allot of work into the plugin – but this is supposed to be open source. Throw us a bone please… 🙂

    How to get rid of the stupid Search Engine Marketers: 101

    Don’t be deceived. Mr. Duebelbeis is only writing to advertise websites. The junk websites at and are both hosted by DreamHost of Brea, California, USA. How coincident…

    I see there is a problem with the author editing his code so that nobody can change his commercial links AGAIN. What an ass. I will make the modified plugin available for download here as long as I can:

    I’m not really sure what macsoft3’s problem is, but I admit I have been a little overzealous on this forum. I just get so effing pissed about stupid people that try to stamp their names over all of this open source code.

    And to his comment, macsoft3, it IS a coincidence that both of those sites are hosted by Dreamhost. Although, not really because Dreamhost is awesome.

    Why bother with it at all? Just get a Twitter account.

    Tried the link Clever – didnt work…

    Dave – Twitter is not what i need… but thanks

    I tried the other sms plugin, easysms.. it seems like a much better sms plugin but had issues getting it to work .. of course. 🙁

    I would like to see a plugin that uses you WP subscriber database to collect numbers and send out sms messages. That would be much better than making two databases.. did that make sense? 😛

    Thanks for the help tho’

    It’s good practice to create new tables for your WP plugin so that corrupt code doesn’t mess with the WP core. I’m working on getting a functionality that will register a field with a users WP id if they are logged in. That way it will link to the WP users, but not mess with the original data. This way you can have a group of registered subscribers that you can SMS. Let me know of any features you would like to see on EasySMS.

    That sounds great!! Cant wait to see the progress.

    Great work!

    Thanks again’

    A few things that would improve easySMS:
    1. To be able to input names and numbers manually by admin
    (This would be great because I have a database already collected but need to put them in easySMS without having to send verification code)

    2. Change “From” address to a name , (not an email)

    3. Ability to send a text to one user via subscribers screen.

    4. Ability to manually confirm subscibers (This might easily solve #1)

    I’ll let you know if I come up with any others….

    Thanks again – Plugin is GREAT!

    Okay. Sorry about the link not working before. I have not modified this plugin since I installed it for a client of mine, so you may find links to my site in it, but not publicly. Download Clever SMS here. I’m always available to answer questions about wordpress on my site, but I have not yet explored modifying this plugin to make it more effective.

    In the future, I am going to be working out some of the features zowieguy wants (because they’re great ideas) and posting an official version.

    Always here to contribute!

    Bobby Duebelbeis

    boby, thank you for doing this!
    one question i get a 404 error after clicking the subscribe button from the side bar widget, any advice is appreciated!


    Clever SMS is great; thank you. I need help with one thing though. Where do I find the html code? I want to paste this into a few posts but I can’t seem to locate the code. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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