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  • I have an unusual issue with Smooth Slider that occurs when it reaches the end of the loop.

    Once the loop of posts and images is finished, it does a visible reverse scroll through all the images/posts back to the first post/image.

    The issue can be seen here, after the slider displays item 8. You can click on item 7, then watch what happens – it reaches item 8 and then scrolls backwards through all the items to the first one.

    Is there a way to hide this reverse scrolling from the user, so that after item 8 it just shows item 1 again without the reverse scrolling?

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  • I would like to find a solution for this same issue. This reversing behavior doesn’t look very good.

    Maybe the developer will chime in here with a solution.

    It’s not possible because the way the slider works is by forming a series of divs that have incremental “left” style attribute… think of a series of divs, side by side. The slide javascript works by dynamically changing the “left” style attribute of the div which encloses the other divs which hold your posts’ content excerpt and thumbnail.

    Try looking at the code in Firefox with Firebug installed and you can see what’s up, even see the style attribute change dynamically.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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