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  • Ok i’ve downloaded and installed Smilies Theme dependency plugin and this Smilies Themer Toolbar.

    i go to settings for Smilies Themer Toolbar, and only see that it can manage the current existing smilies only.

    In order to choose smilies packs, i have to use the Smilies Theme dependency plugin.

    The problem with that plugin, is you only can use the available sets provided.

    I managed to download one extra set from the developers site but that was it.

    I noticed in the folder there was a config file with an array for the shortcodes used for the smilies.

    Can’t you take over the Smilies Theme plugin development, to make adding packages easier. And being able to set the shortcodes via a gui in wordpress plugin settings for it, rather than fiddling around with some php file config with arrays and all that ?

    It would then be easier especially for newbies who don’t know much about coding.

    What i liked best about your plugin, is how you can add it to post/page editor in the top right. And it has a hide/unhide

    Also in comments it displays perfectly, and also has a hide/unhide.

    Maybe add in an option to optionally instead show a pop up box for hidden smilies. Because maybe the smilies to be displayed there are way too many, so a box would be preferable for those situations.

    i also noticed that when i click to add in a smily, it does not automatically add in a spacing before the smily, or after it. It doesn’t display a smily if there is no spacing before and after, so why not make it automatically add the spacings if you click to add a smily in the first place ?

    I feel that it’s tedious having to manually add spacings before and after the smily tags, as well as most people may be prone to creating mistakes, and it will just show the code but no smilies.

    Maybe add a plugin option whether to show the smilies before or after the comment box, rather than tell us who may not be a programmer, to go mess around with the comments.php file

    Anyways it’s a good plugin, but there is still room for improvement.

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