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  • Hi there,

    i just updated smart-youtube to the pro version. I used smart youtube for many years now and have used it in thousands of posts.
    Problem now is, that the upgrade messed everything up. It deleted my presets for the width and height of the video and it kind of turned every video into a link. So it’s just a youtube link now.
    I read in section “usage” that it shouldn’t be a link. If i want the video to display, i have to paste the link in without making it “clickable”.

    The older version had no problem with that. I didn’t create the clickable links but now every embeded video is one. So no video is beeing displayed anymore.

    just wanted to tell you. I’m downgrading right now.


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  • Additionally, a Smart YouTube PRO default thumbnail image is being placed in all category archive pages with excerpts.
    This is happening on WP 3.21 and a local install of WP 3.3-RC1-19537.
    Sounds like a great update otherwise. 😉

    edit: putting my issue in its own thread now…

    ZinZang, your fix is simple: seems like the update forced ‘Embed in post excerpts’ on – just uncheck that box in settings and that should be that…

    Thanks! Yes that does prevent the default thumbs on every excerpt problem. Since it disables one of the new features, would that be considered here to be more of a workaround than a fix?

    (Here’s the dedicated thread to that issue.)



    That was one of the worst default-changes I’ve ever seen. I run just over 200 sites on a multisite install, and writing a script to change the thumbs or going through each site was not worth my time. I’m no longer using Smart Youtube Pro.

    just downgrade 😉
    old version works fine

    A bug fix release to 4.02 is now available rectifying the problem, plus added an “Align embeds in post excerpts to…” option.

    I just want to make a suggestion. Next time you guys have an update, please test it better before rolling out to the dashboard. We support more than 20 WordPress sites for local clients and all of them have required support time after this update.

    – The set video sizes were all lost (We had to reset settings to get the default youtube box sizes back)
    – The video thumb on every post

    It was more of an inconvenience than anything else, but more than one of our clients asked if there were alternatives, to avoid the issue in the future.

    We still love the plugin, this is just a suggestion.

    wait… so i can upgrade now and the video-size AND the “clickable link”-thing is no problem anymore? I won’t try untill someone tells me that i can do it without messing my up my old posts.

    The changelog doesn’t say much except “bug fixes”…

    WHERE can i download the smart-youtube version before the PRO came along to mess up everything? Pls.? can someone upload it somewhere.I hope you upload a clean one. Thanks

    @getitfromboydotnet You can get version 3.9.1 from (that’s the latest one that still worked for me)

    sooo now i HAD to upgrade to easy implement vimeo and youtube into my wordpress posts.

    The problem is still the same :/
    i can choose in the settings if i want to parse “links”.
    Great, if i chose it, i cant link to a youtube video without “smart” youtube embedding it. Disabling this option will remove every previous embedded video because they’re normal links.

    So why do you still have the “v” in httpV:// ?
    Obviously the plugin looks for a youtube link weather it has the v in it or not.

    The Plugin should work the other way around. Embedd all youtube links (and texts) which include the “v”. Everything else should be left untouched or at least give us an option for that.

    I still can not find a logic reason for you to change that from 3.x to 4.0 (“PRO” Version) as we all used it like pasting a youtube link into wordpress and add the “v”. Of course 95% of those pasted links are in fact hyperlinks – and those are not working in the pro version anymore? Come on…

    I guess the most simple solution is adding an option like:
    “Parse links ONLY with httpv:// prefix”

    Any explanation, recommendation and/or fix would be highly appreciated.


    this is ridiculous…
    EVERY of my links to youtube or vimeo is messed up and i can’t change it.
    If i remove smart youtube, no link is embedded because of the “v”.
    If i keep smart youtube, every link i ever set to youtube or vimeo is turning into a embedded video.

    Downgrading – again.
    Bad support also. This thread is unresolved since 4 months and no support of the programmer.
    Thumps down

    Plugin Author Vladimir Prelovac


    Hi guys

    I am the developer of the plugin.

    I do not follow the forums. If you need support you can reach me over at my website.

    Even then I am sure you understand that this free plugin is used by couple of hundred thousand users and that my free time is not enough to also provide support to each of you too.

    If any of you wants give a hand and help out with the plugin by producing a patch, I will be happy to include it in the following releases.


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