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Playing /Linking Videos in Category Pages (1 post)

  1. billiehawkins
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Issue: Thumbnails do not link to playable videos in Category listing.

    Scenario: When posting a video to a blog entry, all is well. The post uses httpv:// format, and the video shows as a thumbnail with some CSS borders wrapped around. When clicked, it activates ColorBox as a pop-up.

    Problem: When the blog post is viewed in a Category list, the ability to click the thumbnail is lost. It simply becomes an image placeholder for the video. This leaves the blog entry with no way to click the link.

    Working Example: http://soniq.org/soniq/17305
    Non_working Example: http://soniq.org/soniq/category/master-set/fun-vids

    I should also note:

    If I disable the checkmark on "Display thumbnails on home/archive pages":
    the videos will appear as clickable, but it will no longer respect the use of ColorBox.

    So, to clarify:

  2. Display thumbnails on home/archive pages Enabled = NO link to video or clickable thumbnail to activate Colorbox
  3. Display thumbnails on home/archive pages Disabled = Video appears on page directly, instead of using the link to Colorbox pop-up.
  4. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/smart-youtube/

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