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  • Resolved starlilyth


    On two different WP installs on the same server, when I install the SM Gallery plugin and create a page with the [gallery] shortcode, then attach pictures, the thumbnails show up, but the main picture window does not.

    I have used this plugin on a different server and it worked fine (very easy!) so Im pretty sure I am doing it right.

    The server is Centos 6. I suspect I am just missing some small piece, but I dont know what!

    You can see the problem at

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  • Plugin Author Seth Carstens


    note that you have javascript that’s crashing on that page, which is why its not working.

    looking again, it appears that the server you have it on does not accept shorthand PHP

    title: ‘<?=$title; ?>’,

    I realize this is not proper coding technique, and we will address the problem in the next release but I can’t guarantee that will be out right away so I would, for now, suggest you turn this option on:

    Ah ha! Setting short_open_tag=on did fix it, but as that is OFF on production servers by default I would fix up your code 🙂

    Thank you for the fix!

    Plugin Author Seth Carstens


    Agreed, next release will contain fix for all shorthand codes

    May I chime in here … I have the exact same problem. Thumbs show up but no large image and no navigation arrows.
    phpinfo showed me that php short open is activated. What am I doing wrong?

    Any scripts I need to call?

    Not so far as I know, setting that option to ON fixed it for me. No other scripts or changes were necessary.

    Using “examine element” in google Chrome I found this error message:

    Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'adGallery' /test/:67
    (anonymous function) /test/:67
    f.event.dispatch jquery.js:3
    f.event.add.h.handle.i jquery.js:3
    Plugin Author Seth Carstens


    mores, can we get a link to the page you have it on so I can take a look and see if I can identify the issue from the front end?

    You need to first log in
    user and pass: testadmin

    Plugin Author Seth Carstens


    please activate a normal theme and template page. it looks like your not calling the default WordPress footer (which enqueues scripts within plugins that “lazy load” to enhance performance). Your problem has nothing to do with the PHP shorthand tags.

    I was missing wp_footer.php in my footer.
    Thanks, Seth … matic(?)


    Now all I need to do is make it fit in my theme 🙂

    Plugin Author Seth Carstens


    yeah, sethmatics is my company, and I do go by Seth 😉

    i am facing same problem………

    Plugin Author Seth Carstens


    which problem, several issues were discussed here?

    Plugin Author Seth Carstens


    like others, you are not properly calling the wp_footer function. This means any plugins that use it to enqueue javascript in the footer are going to fail on your website.

    Please read this entire support thread, note that you theme MUST use the following function somewhere in the footer:

    This will enqueue the following file which you should find when viewing the source of your website:

    Any theme developed by a WordPress theme professional would have this already… I would be very concerned if your theme doesn’t already have this.

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