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  • Hi

    I use the plugin with the latest version of WordPress (5.5.3) to log API calls regarding WooCommerce.

    I found that the plugin (i use it for approx. half a year now) makes the API very slow.

    I.e. a GET call to /wc/v3/products/ takes 5 seconds to complete, whereas without the plugin, it takes 0,7s.

    The question is, why is it slowing down the API and how can this be solved?


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  • Hi!

    I’m not the plugin dev, but the plugin logs it’s data to wp_posts.

    In my case, especially with the new Woo Dashboard, I was getting thousand of rows added to that DB table.

    You might want to see how big yours is, clean it out, or whatever.

    I opened a thread asking the dev to use their own table instead of wp_posts, but check the list of open issues for this plugin – it’s looking like it may have been abandoned.

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