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  • Hi.
    Could you please share a link to your site? Also, what pages or sections of your site are you displaying your galleries?

    My site has exactly the same problem.

    All links loading in new window even though ‘options’ are set to current.

    just a little background on the setup, the WP site has a basic 3.4.1 install running the slightly trimmed down TwentyTen theme and the following plugins: Executable PHP widget, TheThe Tabs and Accordions and Slideshow Gallery. This behavior is shown on all 4 major browsers both Mac (3 for the Mac) and PC. Thanks.

    I installed an set up the plugin, and indeed the “open on current window” option is not working on my end either.
    My advice would be to wait for an answer from the developer see if he can figure out what the problem is.

    Hi guys

    It was working fine for me last week but has changed this week. Didn’t know if it was because I installed another new plugin (Wishlist Membership plugin) but since then I have turned that plugin off and the slideshow still opens the URL in a new browser window. I think it has coincided with upgrading to the latest WordPress version.

    The test page I’m working on where you can see the only slideshow I’m using is here:

    Marventus I take it you are not a co-developer?


    Just following up on this again developers… Really love this plugin. This is the last thing to fix before going live so please let me know if you can attend to this soon else I’ll look for another plugin.



    As directed by my theme developer, I installed the plugin on an older version of WordPress 3.3.2 (using the same domain name) and it still does the same things: in opening a new broswer window when it’s set to keep it in the same window.

    I even put it on WP 3.1 but it wouldn’t work, them images wouldn’t render.


    Having the same exact problem with my site. I’d really like to see a fix!

    Had the same problem. I think it might be browser specific, but I’m not exactly familiar with JS; just applying my programming knowledge.

    in js/gallery.js I changed line 41: = tag(‘a’,h)[0]? tag(‘a’,h)[0].target:’_self’;
    to: = tag(‘a’,h)[0] != ” ? tag(‘a’,h)[0].target:’_self’;

    It seems to work. I didn’t do much testing though.


    I’m having the exact same problem. I select the image link to open in the same window, but it keeps opening to a new window. Any fixes to this problem???

    If we’re keeping count, add mine to the list of installations where the URL links open in a new window. I’m just trying out this plugin and so far I’m mega impressed. It meets all my needs…except for this one thing! Hoping it will be fixed soon….? 🙂



    Had the same problem.
    It happens when you use the slideshow by gallery_id, you have the configuration “Open Images in Thickbox Overlay” as “Yes”, and the slides haven’t links associated to them.
    I debugged it and i saw that in the default gallery.php view the “link” attribute for the slide object is empty.
    Slideshow-gallery/views/default/gallery.php Line:53

    I hope this helps

    Yes, it works! So all I did was insert target="_self" into line 53 of Slideshow-gallery/views/default/gallery.php

    Now that line looks like:
    <a href="<?php echo $slide -> link; ?>" title="<?php echo $slide -> title; ?>" target="_self"></a>

    Thanks so much, Memo!

    Now, because I’m changing this directly in the plugin folder, I’m a little worried it will get overwritten when there’s an update. But I suppose it will do for now.

    I have looked everywhere and I could not find the file that you were referencing to. I did, however, find this file:
    With this code in it:
    <a>" rel="<?php echo $rel; ?>" <?php echo (!empty($onclick)) ? 'onclick="' . $onclick . '"' : ''; ?> href="<?php echo $href; ?>" target="<?php echo $target; ?>" title="<?php echo $title; ?>"><?php echo $name; ?></a>

    This seemed to be the closest thing that I could find but I still could not find a solution to this issue. If there is anything that you could do to help, I would really appreciate it

    i have exactly the same problem and have tried all these suggestions slide links are still opening new windows under Chrome, Firefox and IE

    Can someone please help fix this as I really want to use this slideshow.

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