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    Hi, thank you for the plugin it is really a great one. I would like to make a button that hides or shows the Description,when the visitor wants, because mine can be too long. Is there anyway you could help me with that? And when will be possible to have multiple slideshows in a page?
    Thank you for your time.

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  • Hi Xiso,

    The information/description can only be hidden by the admin with a setting under Slideshow > Configuration at this time.

    If you want such a button, you can write some custom code (or have it written) to hide the DIV with CSS accordingly using Javascript.

    I hope this helps,


    Ty, ill try. Can you help me with one more thing? I use wp-postratings to rate some pages and I use the code [ratings id=”POST ID”]. I would like to add it on the description, but when i try to do that, the rating stars don’t appear, only the code. How can i fix that?
    Thank you again.

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    Thank you for your response.

    The Slideshow Gallery doesn’t parse shortcodes in the description.

    You can apply this though by editing the slideshow-gallery/views/default/gallery.php and adding do_shortcode() around the description to parse shortcodes inside it accordingly 🙂

    Like this:

    Let me know if this helps please!

    I would try but unfortunatly i installed the new wordpress version and now the plugin doesn’t work, can you help me?

    Ok its this new version of the plugin that doesnt work ill try that now Antonie Potgieter

    It didnt work, it made the slide disappear. Any ideas?

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    Are you sure that you applied do_shortcode() correctly?
    Please look at the screenshot and code again.

    Yes i did. When i use that way i can’t see the description. I notice something while exploring the plugin:

    var $fields = array(
    ‘description’ => “TEXT NOT NULL”,

    Does this mean that the description only accept Text and because of it i can’t use the rating shortcode? Thank you again

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    How about doing do_shortcode(stripslashes(…..)); ?
    The quotes in the shortcode might be the problem.

    Yes i also though on that but it didnt work. I see it doesn’t accept any kind of html or php just text. And that is probably the problem.

    Antonie, it was my mistake, i was cheking the code now and it wokrs, just like you said. The problem now is that it doesnt work like it was suppose to be working…

    Here have a look:

    Thank you for your time

    Plugin Author Tribulant Software


    Great stuff Xiso.

    I see the ratings now 🙂
    Which part doesn’t work like it’s supposed to?

    The little stairs in the bottom are suppose to be images. And if you try to vote the stairs don’t work properly any suggestions? I’ve put a rating down the slide to see how it should work. Thank you again

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    Yup I see now, it obviously replacing the images 🙁
    It should work but the description wasn’t intended to parse shortcodes.
    We’ll add this support soon.

    Thank you. 😀 And what about the description? I can see i cant turn off/on the description but there isn’t something in the middle, like the button if possible. Is there anyway it would be added too? Thank you for your time. 😀 Great support i must say.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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