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  • I’m getting this same issue. Same message:

    “Fatal error: Theme CSS could not load after 20 sec. Please download the latest theme at

    I am not using a galleria theme. I am using a custom theme based on Sight by WP Shower.

    Slickr Flickr worked really well before this. I would really like this issue resolved.

    My Gallery is located here.

    same problem as jesm. I get the following error

    Fatal error: Theme at

    could not load, check theme path

    I’m using a child theme based on the Blaskan theme

    website is

    Hmm… somehow, the Fatal Error disappeared.
    ReflexCC, jesm, both your sites are showing up fine. So I guess you too have the ‘Fatal Error’ disappear??!!

    I downloaded the galleria plugin and ftp’d it into the place slickr flickr was expecting it to be but I don’t think that’s what solved it for me. I switched to use the original galleria and it went away, it only seems to happen when I try to use the latest version. Also every so often in chrome the slide show stops. No matter what I do I can’t get it to run again. But if I visit the site in firefox or IE9 it’s working. Then some random time later it starts to work again in Firefox. To date I’ve tried clearing browser cache, clearing plugin cache, turning the plugin off then back on. hitting the laptop with a hammer, swearing loudly and none of it seems to work.

    I had the same problem but I have downloaded an older version of slickr-flickr I had on an older site that worked. I have now installed this older version and I do not get the “CSS could not load error …..”.

    Great I thought but now my thumbnails wont go to the size I want;.
    Am using thumbnail_size=’s150′ but they are all 75px square.

    Maybe the older version doesn’t support this. The update only came in in March.

    Just reloaded the new version but in settings changed the Galleria option : Galleria Version to “Galleria not required …”

    Seems to have done the trick

    Thumbs still stick out of bottom of page.

    Well I guess that’s the answer…
    Everything working fine now.

    Hope this helps, it’s been driving me mad.

    I’m a new user of this plugin and found the same problem – but the solution offered by bashwust above works! Thanks so much.

    Just reloaded the new version but in settings changed the Galleria option : Galleria Version to “Galleria not required …”

    Bingo bashwust… ran into this problem on a client’s site. Your solution is spot on. Error message is gone.


    I haven’t checked it yet thoroughly, but I’m having the same problem and I think this is the right solution. Thanks!

    Plugin Author Russell Jamieson


    Galleria 1.2.9 came out a few days ago.

    I will release Slickr Flickr with the latest Galleria 1.2.9 tomorrow – this will hopefully be more resilient to a slower web server than 1.2.8.

    On inspection of the code, the 20 second timeout remains, however on the positive side, the point where the 20 second countdown starts now looks better placed so I am optimistic that this issue might be resolved.

    Plugin Author Russell Jamieson


    Please note that if you are NOT USING GALLERIA then please take bashwust’s advice and set the galleria setting to “Galleria Not Required”

    Hi Russell,
    Thanks for the update! Thanks for the fantastic plugin too!!

    Plugin Author Russell Jamieson


    Slickr Flickr 1.44 has been released with a tweaked version of Galleria 1.29 where I have extended the Galleria theme load timeout from 20 to 60 seconds.

    Hopefully this will reduce if not remove the error on slow servers.

    I’m having this problem with a fresh install of Slickr Flickr 1.44. And I’ve just bought a now completely useless Galleria theme to go with this. I have tried all the suggestions, but it happens even with the galleria not required. My client is not going to go for a big red fatal error message at the top of her site.

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