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  • Hi – The plugin was written by my husband Russell and is supported at He a hugely experienced software developer and the sort of guy that believes in doing a great job every time. Nice to see his efforts recognised. Thanks. Liz.

    Hi Marltutski, we have been using Slickr-Flickr with great effect for much of the past six months, but we’ve suddenly started having a ton of problems. The big issue is that we’re getting persistent “No photos available right now” errors.

    Here’s an example of a post that isn’t working correctly (error beneath the embedded slideshow, we much prefer the Slickr-Flickr presentation):

    And here’s an example of a post that’s working fine:

    Do you have any ideas what might be causing these problems? Thanks in advance for your assistance!

    And thanks to Russell for developing a great plugin. Hopefully we can get it back up and running properly/consistently!

    Hi kmg1016. Sorry to hear its not working for you right now. Russell is watching a late night movie – James Bond. I’ll go nudge him for you. M.

    Plugin Author Russell Jamieson



    The feed using the API key is returning no photos and the feed using the standard RSS feed has 9 photos.

    With API Key:

    Standard RSS :

    I can see the updates took place yesterday and it seems Flickr is taking its time in synchronizing all its servers.

    As you have less than 20 tagged photos you can specify use_key=n items=20 and this will make your slideshow or gallery use the standard RSS feed which will return you the 9 photos.

    The synchronization of Flickr servers used to take about 15 minutes but now delays of a day or more are being reported.

    I will browse the Flickr forums now and see if there is anything logged recently that may explain the delay.



    Thanks, Russell. Any idea why the API Key is messing it up? Seems very strange… I’ve removed the API key from the code and lowered the # of photos to 20 in the settings. Have a great night, sorry to interrupt you from the Bond film… which one are you watching?

    Plugin Author Russell Jamieson


    It was Goldeneye. It finished a little while ago. Returning to my computer now stirred but not shaken.

    The API key issue was reported on the Flickr forum back on the 28th Decemeber .



    Flickr Staff Update Dec 30 2010: There is an issue with search that is causing some lag and inconsistent results in search. Because of this you may not see some images when doing searches, tag searches, or when using the API search.

    We don’t have an ETA but unfortunately from the investigation we have done it looks like this may continue at least through the weekend and maybe longer. We also want it to be resolved as soon as possible to and we’re doing everything we can to make that happen. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Thanks, Russell!

    Hi Russell, great plugin you made!

    I’ve been using it some moths now but last week I had some troubles. My images aren’t showing anymore. I didn’t changed anything to my flickr profile.
    I’ve got the error message:

    Error fetching Flickr photos: WP HTTP Error:

    Plugin Author Russell Jamieson



    This is most likely an environmental error – either your host is blocking access because they have changed the web server security settings (unlikely) or the connection is timing out due to performance issues at Flickr.

    What you need is slightly more information about the error which may be in your apache error log file.

    Please see WP HTTP Error – Connection Refused and No photos returned due to WP HTTP timeout

    Also you can try running Slickr Flickr with use_key=”y” and then use_key=”n” to see if there is any difference in the response: the former forces the Flickr API to be used and the latter uses the Flickr RSS feeds – these two approaches will yield different responses if there are problems at Flickr

    Hello there,
    great plugin- thanks for that.
    Having a little problem though.

    Using a multiblog wp site and strangely the plugin works on my localhost, but not on the website.
    localhost shows the slide show without any problem, same tag (copy and paste) used in post and widget shows error message:

    Error fetching Flickr photos: WP HTTP Error: Failed to connect to Permission denied

    Any ideas?
    Thanks and regards-

    Plugin Author Russell Jamieson


    Hi Rob,

    The “permission denied “message is probably accurate. I can think of two possibilities.

    1. Your host is blocking the access to the RSS feed


    2. Your photos are private

    Easiest way to check is to test the Flickr URL/link that appears on the page next to the error message.

    Hi –
    1. How can I check that?
    2. Cannot be, since the localhost version can access and show pics with same settings/data. The error message is a ip address – nada mas.


    Plugin Author Russell Jamieson


    Sorry, I was being thick – if it works from localhost then issue is NOT with Flickr but with your web host.

    The IP address is just the IP address of Flickr.

    You need to call your host to find out why they are blocking access.

    If you can log on to your server and run a shell command then try:


    This might give you a fuller error message

    You were right – the host was blocking the ip – it works now!
    Thanks a lot!

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