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  • Plugin Author remix4


    As already mentioned via twitter the plugin HAS been tested with 3.4 and was compatible with the test site



    Despite you changing your original post. Here is the deal. Your Plugin IS broken and no amount of insisting that it isn’t without asking any probative questions, is going to change that. It was WORKING, WordPress updated, and then the Plugin WAS NOT WORKING. I think that is the definition of ‘broken’ to most people.

    I attempted to get an answer from you on Twitter. You gave me the same unpleasant, uninterested attitude you are giving me here. The ‘we tried it on our site and it looked okay so we don’t care if it doesn’t work for you’ answer doesn’t FIX the issues with your plugin. Therefore, I came to WordPress to see if someone, anyone, else might have an answer that you refused to provide. And if not, the rest of the people coming here have a right to know that someone else is having an issue with this plugin. That way if they too are having the same issue, MAYBE it will get addressed properly.

    At this point I have deleted the plugin, and will not use any other plugin’s from you for myself or any of my clients. And will suggest the same from my colleagues if for no other reason, your unwillingness to even LOOK at an issue with your plugin or deal with a user on the issue in an acceptable manner.

    The plugin was good before it broke. I was considering paying (or donating) to the plugin before it broke, but I didn’t even get a chance to make the site live when the update happened and the plugin broke. I’ll consider it divine intervention.

    Plugin Author remix4


    The plugin may be broken on your site – this does not mean that the plugin is not compatible with 3.4.

    You have given absolutely NO information on what the problem is and so our response can only be equally “generic”. It’s broke tells us absolutely nothing.

    At this point in time (despite your demands via twitter) we cannot provide updates to a plugin that isnt in fact broken.



    You just can’t not be unnecessarily rude can you?

    The above statement by me is, in fact, pretty specific. It was working. WordPress updated. It STOPPED working.

    More specific than that? They went from ‘pop out’ style widgeted contact windows to being stand alone contact lines in my sidebar. And, while those did function, they weren’t what I had before, nor were they what I wanted from your plugin. If that were, in fact, the style I was seeking, there are many other plugins offering this function in a manner I would have preferred.

    And, just to be clear on just how ‘demanding’ I was on Twitter the conversation was as follows:

    Me: @designchemical Hi! Your slick contact forms seem to be broken with the new wp. Any fixes coming???

    You: @EclipseDesign3 Hi. The plugin has been tested and is compatible with WordPress 3.4

    Me: @designchemical So, are you saying it’s my imagination that the plugin stopped working the moment wp updated? Otherwise what am I missing?

    You: @EclipseDesign3 No Im saying the plugin has been tested and is compatible with 3.4. Check for other non-compatible plugins causing errors!

    Me: @designchemical LOL ok those are all working but yours. But I deactiv all anyway. Still broken so I guess I’ll just find a diff one thanks!

    So, I fail to see the demand. I nicely asked about an update to which you curtly denied a problem. Nowhere did you say ‘hmm, well we tested it, tell me what’s happening so I can tell you what might be going on.’

    No, you simply said there wasn’t a problem of which there actually was/is.

    And to your flat answer, I asked a PROBATIVE question of clarification as to if you were just insinuating that I actually wasn’t experiencing a problem or if I was otherwise missing what you were saying.

    To this, you just simply became even more rude; a talent you hold in high regard as I see. Though you reluctantly offered a potential fix.

    So, while I was skeptical of your potential fix. I proceeded to my site, deactivated and uninstalled ALL of my other plugins and tried again, with the same results; your plugin not working. So, I THANKED you and said my goodbyes since I could tell at that point that help from you would never come. I then proceeded to look around the net for a potential fix and posted to WordPress hoping to get another user to offer insight. Instead I find myself meeting nothing but your irrational rudeness and unwillingness to assist in a solution that could not only retain me as a user along with my clients and get my money in payment or donation for the plugin. But, also serve to assist any other users who might find themselves in a similar situation and thus helping to assert yourself as a respected and sought after plugin developer that users can trust. But, well, we see what really happened instead. Sad really.

    My site is fully functioning in the same capacity it was prior to the update with the exception of your plugin. Now, I am far from a genius but I do have basic logic based skills. If site and plugin looks like A while WP is in version x and at the very moment WP updates to version y and site still looks like A but plugin suddenly looks like B it is basic logic that the upgrade directly resulted in the plugin being discussed not working. Further basic logic can deduce that if all extra’s are turned off on site A except plugin of discussion and plugin continues to not function correctly, again, it is logical to presume that a correlation exists between the WP update and the plugin malfunction. It’s not in my imagination it’s there is plain site and code and non-working plugin that became like that all by it’s lonesome IMMEDIATELY upon the update of WP with no other apparent or obvious causes.

    I have since deleted your plugin and as I have stated, based on your unnecessarily rude and curt responses will not use any of your plugin’s and will suggest the same of all of my clients and colleagues and hope that this thread serves as a help to others who may either be considering your plugin or are having similar issues.

    Somewhere out there is someone who can explain what may have happened and maybe they will lend their advice to your other users current and future.

    Have a NICE day!

    Plugin Author remix4


    Rude? We obviously have a very different understanding of the word.

    You clearly made absolutely no effort to go through previous comments and the online FAQ in an attempt to solve your problem since you would have seen possible solutions based on your only just supplied information on what is the problem.

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