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    You apparently get stripped of the ability to use the chatroom and instant message features after a while and are forced to pay a monthly fee if you wish to continue using them. I was not aware of this and just noticed that the chat features of my site are gone – which is the only reason I even used the plugin. I will be looking for another chatroom/IM solution.

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    Thank you for your feedback and we are sorry you felt something about our service was misleading. We will review our wording to see if there are any changes we need to make to bring more clarity to the service we provide. We do clearly state on our Plans page that paying allows you to take advantage of our premium apps, including Live Support Chat, Chat Room and Instant Messaging. Also, in our app library all apps are clearly labeled as either Free or Premium. Due to the quality of service we provide we feel that the entry level of only $4.95 for all premium apps is very reasonable, but we hope you are able to find something more in line with a price that falls more in line with your budget.

    I can not labeled and announced in cyrillic.

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    Initial post has been answered and resoled.

    I agree with the OP. The description is very misleading. When a plugin is found within the WordPress directory, users expect to receive the entire list of features that are given on in the plugin’s description. If something is a premium feature, it should be listed separately and marked as such. Users shouldn’t have to track down your website to read the fine print.

    Also, it would be nice if you stated within your description that registration on the Skysa website is required. Yes, I see it in the installation file, but most users don’t read that file until after the plugin is installed and a problem comes up.

    Those are just personal gripes, but these are quotes from the guidelines that you must follow when your plugin is in the WordPress directory. I don’t know if they were somehow missed by those who review the plugins or if these things were changed after submission, but I seriously can’t believe the plugin is allowed in the FREE directory.

    Trialware is not allowed in the repository. It’s perfectly fine to attempt to upsell the user on other products and features, but a) not in an annoying manner and b) not by disabling functionality after some time period.

    Your plugin does exactly this. Not only do you list Chat & IM in the features, but you snatch these features away after a few weeks.

    The plugin must not embed external links on the public site (like a “powered by” link) without explicitly asking the user’s permission. Any such options in the plugin must default to NOT show the link.

    From the Skysa FAQ
    Can I remove the Skysa logo and other branding?
    Yes. With Skysa , you can remove all Skysa branding and logos from your bar by purchasing our Pro plan.

    The plugin page in the directory should include no more than 12 tags.

    I stopped counting after 30.

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    @rt49andellis Thank you for the very detailed feedback.

    Regarding your personal gripe, we will work an making the registration requirement more obvious in the main description of the plugin.

    In regard to the official guidelines, we feel that our plugin clearly falls into the category of “Serviceware”. Our WordPress plugin is a convenience tool to make the setup and integration with our service as easy as possible. The plugin does not have a trial itself, as none of the features and options coded into the plugin ever change. Additionally, any powered by or branding within the service is part of the service itself and not part of the plugin in any way.

    Thank you for bringing the tag count limit to our attention. It must have been overlooked by our developers as we have been adding to the tags as more apps were added to the service the plugin connects to. They will be trimmed down to fit the requirement.

    Once again, thank you very much for your comments and for allowing us to carry on a public dialog with you about our user experience. We take all feedback very seriously and strive to provide the very best to our users.

    Thank you for your response. I understand your explanation of being categorized as Serviceware and it makes sense.

    It’s not so much the cost or anything like that, it’s the deception felt when a user who frequents the directory comes across a description that’s clearly a misinterpretation of what they’ll be downloading.

    A support/forum response that includes the words “We do clearly state on our Plans page…” should not be necessary. It should be clearly stated in the WordPress directory. Again, this is just my own opinion.

    To be quite honest, I believe that if your addons work the way they claim to, the price is more than reasonable for the premium services! I also believe that more people would willingly hand over the monthly payment if they weren’t, for lack of a better term, jerked around by the description. Cleverly wording something isn’t the way to gain the trust of WordPress users.

    I’d like to offer this as an example of the proper way to inform WP users what they will and will not have access to, without requiring that they go to your website for further details. —

    Thanks for listening and I wish you and your team all the success in the world.

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    Very valid points and suggestions. Thank for including a link to an example as well. We will continue to make improvements to the clarity of our product descriptions. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible and sometimes that requires an outside perspective. Thanks again for the great feedback.

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