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  • This plugin works very fine otherwise, but image quality is bad for all images except one, and I don’t know why. They are blurred as if they had been enlarged from a small image, although the source image is so big the size has to be reduced.

    Also, if the image is in an imported post, it doesn’t link to the post – instead, it links to the original location of the post. In this case the post doesn’t even exist there anymore.

    See the website:

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  • The imported posts link problem could be addressed here:

    I’ll try the solution as soon as I can, but right now the MySQL of the host is down although everything else seems to work.

    If this is of any help to anyone, I noticed that the size of the original image correlates inversely with the quality of the slideshow image. The bigger the dimensions of the original pic are, the worse the slideshow image is. It is as if the plugin would try to enlarge some thumbnail of the original image, and not the original image.

    In one instance I used an image that was so big it should have been blurry, but it wasn’t. Then I replaced it with an image that was only 60 px higher (both were over 900px high), and it became very blurry.

    Okay, the imported post links problem is now fixed. I didn’t realize the other thread I linked to already had a solution to this problem, because the problem was expressed a bit differently. But the images are still too blurry.

    The plugin resizes big images to 300 * 300 px, then enlarges them again to fit the slideshow! This seems to be the cause of bad quality. I don’t yet know what to do about it. The plugin didn’t use to do that so often when I installed it, weird. Now it does this all the time.

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