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    Here at Press Pixels we have just managed to release our first free plugin to the WordPress Community – quite a learning curve with SVN but surprisingly fast to get listed, thanks to the WP team for that! Some more info below:

    The team at Press Pixels have just released a first free plugin, the WordPress Site Background Slider! This simple yet powerful plugin adds Fullscreen Images (read from a specified folder location) and creates a background slideshows inside your WebSite Background area.

    A selection of 15 different texture effects can be overlaid onto the images, image display time / fade time can both be set, image order can also be shuffled and jQuery can also be disabled if required. Once this is setup your WordPress WebSite will display above the rotating images as shown in the Background Slider Demo.

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  • Hi,

    I like the plug-in, but I seem to have a problem with it in combination with the twenty eleven theme. The balloon that shows the comment count gets moved down. It’s supposed to be next to the title of the post. As far as I can tell it has something to do with the css that is added by the plug-in.
    My guess:

    body div {
    position: relative;

    Second. How do you turn it off? As it doesn’t work right now as it’s supposed to, I tried to turn it off. But deactivating the plug-in does not shut it down…
    Any thought on that?


    My test site is running here

    Plugin Author Press Pixels


    Hello! Had a look at your site, I see you did a lot of custom stuff that could be throwing it out… to fix the comment positioning – look for this in your CSS file for the theme; change the top value to -40 (for example)

    /* Comments link */
    .entry-header .comments-link a {
    	position: absolute;
    	top: 10px;
    	right: 0;

    The CSS you mentioned is from our code, it makes sure the slider does not place images above the main site content – not sure why it is conflicting so drastically on your site. De-activating the plugin should stop it completely – if it is still showing I think you have a caching issue, try clearing the cache and also trying a new browser once disabled.

    I will do a fresh install here to make sure and confirm, and if I find anything weird will drop you a message ASAP -__-

    Plugin Author Press Pixels


    Looks like you were spot on with both issues 😉 I have fixed them both and will release an update in about an hour, thanks for letting me know!

    Once you have run the update you should be able to remove the duplicate plugin and also the CSS issues mentioned above will be automatically fixed!

    It is working like a charm now! Thank you for looking into this so fast!

    Hi I love the the slider, Im just having a problem with the the post slider ,Site Background Slider seems to be clashing with the java script library .. I there any fix that can allow both things to work.. if you can take a look at the site and maybe give me an Idea on how to get it working together.,. thanks..

    Plugin Author Press Pixels


    I think its clashing with your JS code on your site – having a quick look you have so many (over 20) mixed JS files and code, biggest site head code I have seen in a while!

    So my advice to you is to deactivate plugins one by one till you see which one conflicts – which might help, but you may also need to change the JS ordering as well. This all points to getting a JS / PHP professional to look at it 🙂 Good luck!

    I installed this plugin in a theme called Wiredrive Classic. However, It doesn’t work maybe because of a function of the theme.

    Is there any way to take precedence on this plugin?

    I really wanna use this plugin!

    Plugin Author Press Pixels


    I just updated the plugin to 1.0.6 with some jQuery and conflict resolutions – give it a try, if you still stuck send me a mail with your URL and I will have a closer look 😉

    Thank you very much for updating!!

    It worked!

    I really appreciate you.

    Thanks again.

    Plugin Author Press Pixels


    Cool – glad it worked and sorted it all out!

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a recent update for your plugin.

    I used your plugin on a site and recently it started conflicting with the jquery of the navigation and image sliders. Both the image sliders and navigation drop-downs don’t work when your plugin is activated.

    Any ideas what it could be? Here’s the site where the drop-down navigation stopped working when activating your plugin:

    Thanks for a great plugin though! Hoping I can fix it..

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