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    Just installed the latest version of WP and the Site Background Slider plugin as well. I am developing locally using MAMP before I push everything live. I’ve dropped the image files into the default directory and activated the plugin and customized necessary settings, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I’m also using the WP 2011 theme. Any idea why I’m experiencing this issue?


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  • There is no default directory, if I understand correctly. You must create and name a folder and then tell the plugin where to find it.

    Thanks for the quick response. I actually did that. After installing the plugin I went to its settings under Appearance and saw that “wp-includes/images” was already specified in the “Background Images Location” field. I went ahead and changed it to the images folder inside the theme directory I’m using and tested it, but it didn’t work. I then changed it back to the “wp-includes/images” and dropped the images in there and tested again – still didn’t work. I also used firebug to see if anything weird was going on and everything looked okay.

    UPDATE: I forgot to mention that in each case I created a folder for the images inside each image directory and made sure to point to that folder.

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    Hello! obviously working local you cannot show me your site – but check your page source for your home page and make sure the Site Background Slider JS files are reachable – there should be 3 I think, and the CSS – also make sure your image folder contains just images, no other folders and also no weird characters in the filenames -__-

    Lastly try putting your theme and the plugin on a live test site, then I can see why it is not working for you!

    Hi Press Pixels, I’m having a similar problem on a site I’m building in that my background images aren’t loading. However, the issue for mine is that the background slider files aren’t loading on the site (js, css). Do I need to add something to my template for this? I checked the permissions on all folders leading up to the plugin folder and they are all 755. Let me know what you think!

    Thanks, Press Pixels. Sorry for the delay in updating – been chin deep in another project. It seems that I am experiencing the same issue as shannonnoack. Doesn’t seem like the JS or CSS files are being added/loaded. I have yet to upload it to a live server to test. I will see if I have time this evening or tomorrow to see if that helps and then update this thread again.

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    hello @shannonnoack and @ramje!

    Check your html page source (from browser), there are 3 background slider JS files, which should be like this for example:


    If the path will not open then try see what is wrong with it, we had an issue where the slider was installing into /background-slider/ but that was fixed in an update.

    Or mail me your site address when online and I will check for you 😉

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    Guys we found 2 more bugs we just squashed in the code: Multiple copies were being installed and CSS was breaking the site content.

    I would recommend removing the existing installation(s) and then updating once we release in about an hour…

    I did do a fresh installation with the new code and default WordPress and all ran smoothly – so if you still having hassles, let me know -__-

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    All issues in this thread have been resolved in latest release versions!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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