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  • Plugin Author mpvanwinkle77


    Looks good. did you modify the source at all. can you indicate where?


    Not at all, Only add some filters and actions.
    See my source code, I have post it.

    Not to be dense, but reviewing this source code I don’t see how this interacts with Register Plus Redux. Can you explain any more? Have you identified any changes I need to make to Redux?

    I added this code before submit button to call register_form action

    			$action = ob_get_contents();
    			$form .= $action;

    And this code before if(!$message)

    $errors = new WP_Error();
    	$user_name = $_POST['username'];
    	$sanitized_user_login = sanitize_user($user_name, true);
    	$user_email = $_POST['email'];
    	do_action( 'register_post', $sanitized_user_login, $user_email, $errors );
    	$errors = apply_filters( 'registration_errors', $errors, $sanitized_user_login, $user_email );
    	if ( $errors->get_error_code() ){
    		$message = $errors->get_error_message();

    @radiok: You don’t need anything to make redux and no need anything to changes.

    Plugin Author mpvanwinkle77


    Thanks, I’ll give it look, perhaps make it a permanent part of the plugin. I think it’s a good addition because I have not intention of building a UI for adding registration fields and Register Plus simply works on the default registration … perhaps there some synergy.

    Great, I’m waiting for next release.

    Hey Abdul, can you please help me?
    Can you please tell me how exactly you made in your wordpress the register form? I want the exact thing and I don’t know how to do it! All the other plugins leave you from the main blog and user does not feel familiar. Can you please send me an email to or post below? (I use wordpress 3.0.1 and I also tested myself – sorry if you have received my details as a test).

    THANK YOU!!!!

    Does anyone have a url with this feature in action? I’m new to this stuff. I installed the plugin and cant get it to work. Some working code would be helpful. Thanks

    Plugin Author mpvanwinkle77


    There are instructions on the settings page for how to use the plugin. If those are not working please post the specific issue you are having. Does anything show up on the page where you put the shortcode? if so what?

    @mpv. Thanks for the prompt reponse. I figured it out! It was like you said: ‘simply employ the shortcode on any page’. Thanks again. Now only if i could integrate this into ‘pie register’ plugin.


    Replace with my code.

    Hello everyone,
    I was about to open a new post, but then I thought that maybe posting here would make more sense.

    When I see abdul’s page, I only see one registration page/option.
    When I read mpvanwinkle77’s post: “Register for Different Roles”, I understand that he’s looking for more than one register page.

    I find both plugins very good, but couldn’t get what I was looking for done, yet.

    I would need AT LEAST to have the option of an individual or a company registering. (php if)

    So after selecting an Additional Field under Register Plus, I would need to have different options. Like I said: Company would bring up Company ID for example, and individual would bring up something else (could be ID, why not).

    I have an example of what I’m trying to achieve:

    After google translate for english (page is in portuguese):

    I hope you guys will be able to help and I’m sure other people will benefit from it.

    Thanks in advance.

    Plugin Author mpvanwinkle77


    Anyone else try Abdul_ibad’s solution yet? I should work though I haven’t spent much time testing it. I will incorporate this into future versions. I’ll add this as a setting also so you’ll have to “turn it on” first.

    I think “turn it on” is bad idea.

    this code should add after default register form.

    like wordpress registration does.

    Yes, I agree.

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