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  • ezhil – do you have any other plugins that are controlling the login redirect?

    I have massively updated the plugin and will release it soon. It includes a bunch of changes including a loading indicator.

    Yes i had a plugin called BP Redirect to Profile i just disabled it ,but still i get the same error.
    In normal buddypress,if we login in the sidebar, we would be redirected to the index page and not to the dashboard.Is their any problem related to that.

    Eagerly waiting for your Reply and your next version of the plugin.Would you be releasing it this month?



    I ran into this problem today too. It looks like it is caused by this line in the show function (osx.js) loginform = $('#loginform', data[0]);

    My best guess is that this is checking to see if the #loginform is present in the page returned via the ajax form call and the form exists even though the user has successfully logged in.

    I changed that line to loginform = 0; to bypass that check. Everything seems to be working correctly now.

    I don’t know if this is a good fix or not but it seems to be working – hopefully it will help you out.

    1.0 is out that changes the way SimpleModal Login determines where to redirect. Check it out and see if your issues are resolved now.

    <p style=""><?php wp_loginout($redirect = 'http://localhost/wordpress/', $echo = true); ?></p>

    i just tried out something like this , still it is not redirected ,i have upgraded to 1.0.the added features are amazing but redirect is still a problem for me.

    @ezhil – the correct syntax would be:

    <p style=""><?php wp_loginout('http://localhost/wordpress/'); ?></p>

    However, I think there is a bug with the redirection, so I’m going to look into it today and hopefully release a fix.


    I checked in a fix (1.0.1) and added a new FAQ that should help.


    wow that’s really great and a quick fix,thanks mate the plugin is working superbly.
    I have a small problem in registration,since i am using buddypress for registration,their are five field which are required*.
    the normal registration has only two field,
    Even if i try to register, it doesn’t accept it
    how can i add those missing fields in the registration box?

    I’m not familiar with buddypress, but see the “How can I modify the form HTML?” section of the FAQ.

    Not sure if that helps…

    No i just want to add some extra fields in my registration page,
    any ideas?



    login & register form both displaying together !

    what may the bug ?

    Eric Martin


    You don’t appear to be using SimpleModal Login.

    Also, next time, can you create a new topic for a new issue, thanks.



    Dear Eric !
    i am sorry for that
    i deactivated the plugin, i thought it may solve my bug !
    sorry for your inconvenience !

    this is a firefox bug ! only happen in firefox , both login + register form displaying together !

    Eric Martin


    Does it work if you disable the login w/ Ajax plugin?




Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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