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  • Also having this issue. I had the Theme My Login plugin installed and it worked fine, then I removed Theme My Login plugin and now I get the error:error with simplemodal. Tried deactivating and reactivating, etc. still same.

    I had the plugin “Theme My Login” activated and simplemodal worked fine. Now that I deactivated “Theme My Login” I get the Error:error. If I reactivate “Theme My Login” then simplemodal works again.

    Think I solved this for my situation at least. I’m running WordPress Multisite and have WPMU domain mapping plugin enabled. I originally had the domain mapping configured to use “Original Domain” for “The domain used for the administration area should be” setting in WPMU Domain Mapping. This breaks simplemodal, and other ajax based login plugins like “Login with Ajax” as the domain reported by site_url() is not the domain setup in WPMU Domain Mapping. By changing “The domain used for the administration area should be” to “Domain entered by the user” or “mapped domain” simplemodal now works.

    However, this is unfortunate because if say you wanted to use a shared SSL cert and force logins to your, using this scenario you could not.

    Eric Martin, if you’re reading this, a great feature request would be to add a field to the admin section of simplemodal where an “alternate” login domain could be entered as an option for simplemodal to use instead of calling site_url() to populate the action of the #loginform. Since the “The domain used for the administration area should be” option in WPMU Domain Mapping is a global setting, it will break sites using the for forced SSL logins if we change it to work with simplemodal.


    Alright, I’ll look into that 🙂
    I only run one wordpress though, so would it still be possible to run the multisite plugin?

    But all in all, still weird we have to go to these lenghts of course.

    No. You’d know if you were running multisite. Its a configuration option for WordPress to run multiple web sites on one wordpress install, not a plugin. Are you running another plugin that could be possibly re-writing the site_url() and causing simplemodal to cross domains? or SSL or something? I’d disable your plugins one-by-one and see if one is causing the problem.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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