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  • Hi Eric and everyone watching this plugin!
    I got it working on my Privateer theme by adding the snippet of PHP into the head; the one that asks if function_exists(‘smcf’)…

    I like it very much, and everything worked great up to the point where I clicked ‘Send’.

    The image here shows the sentence “A required file phpcipher.bin was not found.” was echoed ten times before the confirmation message was echoed.

    I searched this topic and the entire forum for the phpcipher.bin string but came up with nothing.

    You’ll notice in the image also, that the dialog box doesn’t stretch to accommodate the extra text.

    Any help is appreciated,
    Thank you,

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  • Plugin Author Eric Martin


    Hmm, I have no idea what phpcipher.bin is, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t related to SMCF. I wish I could help you, but I’m not familiar with it.

    Thanks for your quick reply, Eric.
    I looked into it enough to know that it’s some service that enciphers your code. I assumed you built your plugin using that service somehow. Now that I know you didn’t, I have to look at my theme. Perhaps Tony of Privateer theme will know.

    I used the contact form at and, funniest thing, it wouldn’t allow me any HTML at all, so my attempt to point to the screenshot had to be done in “dot slash” translations. I’m awaiting a reply from them. In the meantime, I’ll go find Tony and see what he says. I’ll report back here soon. I hope. (Tony is oftentimes very busy.) ;D

    Hi, I’m back with an answer!

    It occurred to me, from another post about plugin conflicts, that I ought to look at the other plugins on my blog. When I opened up the files for WP-Sales Automator by WordPressLab, there were all the calls to this mysterious “phpcipher.bin” file.

    Since I’m not really using this plugin at the moment, I went ahead and de-activated it, and Voila! My SMCF now works just as intended!

    I suppose this thread here might come in handy (or not, I haven’t tested it yet) for anyone else running WP-Sales Automator and this plugin.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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