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  • I’m only running a blog for a little longer than four years now, but I think displaying all months in every year (thus being over 48 months) is simply too much. Displaying only the four years on the other hand is simply to little.

    I would very much like to have a plugin that will display the months only for the current year or maybe the last 12 months spanning back into the previous year and then any archive beyond that only display the year.

    Maybe this would be a nice feature for any upcoming version of this plugin? I mean a display like this…

    August 2008
    July 2008
    June 2008
    May 2008
    April 2008
    March 2008
    February 2008
    January 2008

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  • Hey NetRebel,

    sorry for not replying earlier.

    Well, might be a nice feature, but IMO not for my neat little plugin. 🙂 The ‘yearly’ in its title indicates its purpose, and I dont plan to change it.

    You could split the archive into seperate pages, which is already built in via Shortcodes:

    [SimpleYearlyArchive type="yearly_act"]
    for only displaying the archives for the current year, and

    [SimpleYearlyArchive type="2007"]
    [SimpleYearlyArchive type="2006"]

    for all the other years.

    Plus, there are a lot of other plugins that might be able to do what you need… try one of these:

    Or you should be able to do it with Template Tags and multiple Loops. Look at the parameter ‘type’.


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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