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[CRITICAL] Twitter failure causes total loss of control over Wordpr (2 posts)

  1. Storm
    Posted 3 years ago #


    My WP site suddenly stopped working, none of the pages will ever load, including the admin panel. Another WP sites on the same server work fine.

    Server diagnostics found that a call to "a0.twimg.com", a domain used by Twitter fails to complete, which prevents the whole site from loading.

    STC is the ONLY Twitter plugin I use!

    It seems that STC tries to retrieve something (a javascript perhaps?) from "a0.twimg.com" even when the admin panel is opened, and if this fails, nothing will load.

    Without access to the Admin panel, I AM UNABLE TO DISABLE THE PLUGIN!

    Since plugin info is stored serialized in the database, we can't even manually edit it.

    So technically, I completely lost all control over my WP!!!!



  2. Storm
    Posted 3 years ago #

    The Admin panel loaded for a brief moment so I could open up page source. Search for "twimg" gave no result, and there is only one twitter related script in the source:
    Didn't find anything useful in that either.

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