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    Building new site, created list of tags, boss changed mind and wanted different tags so I deleted the list and created new tags.

    Original list showed up fine on Write/Manage Posts/Pages screens when I clicked on “Display Click Tags”.

    Since I deleted old tags and created new ones, the new list of tags does NOT show up when I click on “Display Click Tags” – just the blue-dotted-border field with no tag buttons.

    I have already checked my db (via phpMyAdmin) to verify old tags gone, new tags there, and optimized the tables.

    I uninstalled and then deactivated Simple Tags, and reinstalled/reactivated it, with no success.

    What else can I do to get my new list of tags to show up as buttons when I click on “Display Click Tags”?

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  • Bump – I really need help with this one…..I’ve emailed the plugin author twice and have received no response, and also posted the problem in his Wiki as requested on his plugin page, no response there either after 5 days…..

    Does anyone have any experience with deleting/recreating tags and using this plugin that might help?

    As an alternative, what I really need is a simple, click-to-apply way of adding tags to posts for a new multi-author blog, where the authors need to use tags from a predefined set, without making spelling errors or accidentally adding new tags….

    This Simple Tags plugin seems like it will do what I need, with only a small amount of author training (“just click on the buttons”)…..except for the problem I’m having.

    Any ideas?

    Plugin Author gave me the fix – he was away on vacation, which is why I was not getting a response (hey everyone needs a break now and then 🙂 )

    I’m posting this in case anyone else has this problem.

    First, it’s a “feature” not a “bug” – it has to do with not showing tags that have not previously been used (I suppose there are some who might want that feature). In my case I need all the Tags I designate to show up so that they can be used for a multi-author blog where we do not want the authors creating their own tags on the fly….

    SO what he had me do was to open the /plugins/simple-tags/2.5/inc/simple-tags-admin.php file (note that this is in the 2.5 folder because I am using WP version 2.5, if you are on 2.3, then replace the 2.5 shown in my path with 2.3).

    Then replace this line, at approximately line # 2115:

    if ((int) wp_count_terms('post_tag', 'ignore_empty=true') ==0 ) { // No tags to suggest

    With this line:

    if ((int) wp_count_terms('post_tag') == 0 ) { // No tags to suggest

    Be careful to make sure you don’t accidentally add in any extraneous line breaks, which will result in a error (“unexpected T_Exit”)…..

    It works fine for me now.

    (The line you suggested doesn’t exist in the latest version of the plugin.)

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