[Plugin: Simple Tags] Tag Cloud sort order changed spontaneously on three sites (3 posts)

  1. breakingball
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Same attributes on three different sites:

    <?php st_tag_cloud('cloud_selection=count-desc&cloud_sort=random&number=100&title=&largest=45&smallest=12&unit=px&maxcolor=#FF4500&mincolor=#688bcd'); ?>

    From one day to the next, without changing anything on Simple Tags Options pages or any code in any file on any of these sites, the display sort order for tag clouds changed from Random to Desc.

    How might this have happened?

  2. xdream1328
    Posted 6 years ago #

    hello breakingball

    i don't know how this happend, but I'm facing the same problem.
    And worst thing, even if I implement the tag cloud with <?php st_tag_cloud(); ?> and do all settings in the admin menu, nothing changes!

    It seems that something is blocking the random sorting.

    any help appreciated!



  3. breakingball
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Glad to know it isn't just me (and sorry it's you).

    I've sort of come to the conclusion that my host (who will go unnamed here) may have changed or updated a script and that's what's causing this. There isn't really anything else that would explain it, but they haven't provided a useful response to my queries, so I have no fix to suggest yet.

    Meanwhile, I'm getting used to Descending order. ;)

    Happy Holidays!

    EDIT: Apologies, also, for not seeing until now that you'd posted about this previously.

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