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  • Hello and a big greeting to the author of this plugin.
    I have been using the plugin for some year now and one of my most favorite features is the “related post” one.

    Might I ask you the author why he decided to remove it in the new version and if there is any hope to convice him to keep it?


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  • @amaury:

    1. You are right.
    2. I got used to this functions at your great plugin. So I miss it.
    3. I like your work. And as a plugin developer I know that nobody will donate money for our work. What do you think about using Flattr to get donations? I think that is a comfortable way to get donations.

    This update is a bad, bad joke. it broke my blog for the whole weekend, as i didn’t notice at first what was happening as I use caching. all pages printed an error and loading broke at 50% of page load. this cost me a lot of money and may even harm my search ranking. now that I’ve read your answers here, I’ll deinstall your plugin. Really, really bad.


    I would like to thank you for creating this free open source software. It must be time consuming, I believe. I think wordpress is so attractive as it is because of enthusiasts like you. So again, thank you very much.

    I was one of the people above in this thread wishing the related posts feature back. I have found a very good and even more configurable alternative in YARP. YARP does not show related posts on pages by default, but it is possible to tweak the code (exchange one word, very easy to do, even without any knowledge of programming). Description is here:

    yours, Thomas.

    A bad decision indeed. You should have opted to create a Simple Tag Lite version instead of ruining the experience for all the users of your plugin.

    1. Release notes are not included in the update page for WP plugins. Features normally are not deleted right away, there’s the term deprecation. I know you know how many users have downloaded this plugin, right?

    And c’mon, we are end-users. You know what end-users do.

    2. Simple Tags Lite. With a Related Post drop-in plugin/extension.

    3. Please consider the community.

    For others using this plugin, stick with version 1.8 then edit the plugin file to indicate version 999 so that autoupdate will ignore it.

    Where can I get 1.8 so I can downgrade?

    To all, if you run an active site with lots of posts and tags, DO NOT use YARP. It will crash your system. Don’t believe it? Run a plugin that displays the database queries on each page and you will see. I went from around 500 avg queries per page to around 50 when I switched to Simple Tags related posts feature.

    I downgraded to 1.8 and experienced even MORE problems.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for alternative plug-ins for tagging?

    Plugin Author Amaury Balmer


    Given the large demand of people wanting to continue using the related posts and the advanced manage tags, i restored the 2 features.

    The reintegration of these 2 features and bug fixes have taken me more than a day’s work and of course a Saturday.

    Thank you in advance to those who make a donation by clicking the donate buton on the page of extend or in the settings page.

    For bugs and evolutions thank you for passing via the redmine.

    THANK YOU, Amaury!!!
    You don’t know how happy you have made me 🙂 !!

    I’m waiting for a deposit to my PayPal account from an Ebay sale and then a donation will be on its way to you.

    Thanks Amaury, I appreciate you restoring the related posts feature. Over time I will probably migrate to another related tags plugin, as you suggest but this makes it easy in the short term. I just donated to the plugin.

    Amaury really good man, thank youfor your work (i don’t use this 2 features but i use simple tags)

    @amaury: a big, big thanks to the developer of this plugin. I would also like to apologize if I started this thread that causes some “irriverent” and unpolite comments to you and your work. Like you, I spend a lot of time helping people with my blog (that is 5 years old) and I know only too well how few people, if any, are willing to make a donation. I will make a donation during the next couple of hours.

    Thanks again

    I just made my donation. My ID paypal donation numer is: 3N758447YJ576315Y

    Thanks again

    Plugin Author Amaury Balmer


    Thank you for you donation 😉

    A next beta will be release with 2 changes :

    • An option for autocompletion, input or textarea
    • Compabitibility with “Use Google Librairies” plugin



    I will be making a donation today!

    Thank you very much. I’ll be making a donation when I get back in town mid week.

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