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  • Hello and a big greeting to the author of this plugin.
    I have been using the plugin for some year now and one of my most favorite features is the “related post” one.

    Might I ask you the author why he decided to remove it in the new version and if there is any hope to convice him to keep it?


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  • Same here! As far as I can see the feature I’ll miss the most is “related post”.

    Why will it be removed?

    Is there any hope it won’t?

    What plugin do you know that offers these feature pack or at leas this feature?

    Same with me. I would really the “related posts” feature. This is one of the main reasons why I use it, really.

    Please keep this feature in future versions!



    I think it was a huge mistake to remove the features. It is what made this a great plug in…NOw I must find another one. I really wish the developer had left it as it was.

    Have you guys tried this?

    It works for me for “related Posts”.

    Oops..just realized it’s in Chinese but it does work… do a search for WordPress Related Posts version 1.2

    @kindy71 ..Thanks for the heads up…will check it out

    Yes, let’s hope to convice the author of this excellent plugin to keep the “Related posts” feature. Why should we use a Related Posts plugin (which will also burden the database, by the way) when everything could be easily handed within Simple tags? By the way, I have also sent an email to his address, I will let you know when and if I will get a reply. In the meanwhile you should also send him an email to let him know about your feeling.
    Cheers! 🙂

    I will add my voice to the many requesting that related posts stays in the plugin. I use WordPress to house details on projects and I use the related posts feature to link people to the details of similar projects. I think it is a wonderful feature. Please don’t remove it.

    Please keep the “Related posts” feature!!! Otherwise I will not update.

    I decided to test this new version and started using Similar Posts plugin. It really works very nice and overcomes this feature removal…

    On the other hand, I’m missing Click Tags and Manage Tags features. AFAIK, WP default tag edition does not support multiple renaming…

    …another one missing the “related posts”!

    The removal of the various features on an automatic update was very unprofessional. I didn’t even have time to find a replacement for the features, just realized they are missing.

    You should know I choose using Simple Tags’ related tags feature over the other related posts plugins because it is the least of a performance hog by far. The “Related Posts” plugin really is problematic in the number of database queries it does. If I remember correctly, it added about 500 MySQL queries per page display.

    You should have just created a new plugin and kept this as it was.

    Anyone know how I can get the previous version back on?

    Plugin Author Amaury Balmer


    I react with the changes on the plugin.

    1. I think it’s not at all professional to update a plugin without check the changelog. It’s written to multiple times as features are deleted.

    2. If features are removed, is that they are more efficient and responsive. When Simple Tags has been created in 2007/2008, there was no valid alternative to related posts.

    3. I think that wanting to include too much functionality into a plugin is a bad thing. This complicates the development generates more bugs and slows the rythmn of releases.

    I do think I have kept the template functions to reduce errors template, however there is the function function_exists() to call functions in the community plugins.

    I will work to restore the page “Manage tags”, but I’m not going to restore the related posts or related tags.
    I’ll just add empty functions to avoid error messages.

    There are plugins that do very well what you do: Similar Posts, YARP
    And there are also manual solutions with query_posts().

    I recall that this plugin is written in my spare time, since the introduction of the extend/plugins, I received no donation on this plugin. Made donations, and I will devote more time to restore, develop and evolve the plugin.

    Yes Amaury, you’re right.

    But tag page doesn’t work and the tags doesn’t appear in my theme..

    In future do you want correct this bugs?

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