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  • hello,
    thanks to the quick fix posted by a great guy of the WordPress community we all managed to fix our Simple Tag plugin, but what about the future? if the author doesn’t fix it we will be forced to use something else. So, what do you guys are going to use in the near future as substitute of the Simple Tag plugin. Is there any pluging which imports and implements all the tags created in the Simple Tags plugin in its database???


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  • By the way, the plugin’s homepage doesn’t exsit anymore so i assume that it is not supported any longer…

    Anyone has find any other plugin that work like this one?

    Apparently anyone is concerned about this issue… maybe they know something we dont! 🙂
    there must be another plugin which behaves like simple tags and lets you import all tags!
    com’on guys…any help???

    Hi if it goes to a stage where the plugin is abandoned, I can try to create copycat of this plugin and support it from my end. In case of such development I will keep you guys posted here.


    Try the new RC1 version!

    I tried the automatic update for rc1. It said it was installed successfully but failed to activate because of a fatal error.

    It seems to be activated though when I look at the plugins list but not sure if it will be working well.

    I installed new version and cannot open blog anymore:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function hash() in /srv/www/web13/html/blog/wp-content/plugins/simple-tags/inc/client.php on line 258

    Pleaser update. Simple Tags RC1 is deactivated in the meantime.

    Hi momo360modena,
    did i say to you that i love you? well, Not in a passionate way but in a geek way, of course!!! 🙂
    Thanks for updating the plugin!

    I just posted in another thread, you need php-hash module for this, this is a recent standard module and old/manual installs of PHP may not have it installed (freebsd dos not enable it by default for instance). This appears to break this plugin with respect to the WP default requirements.

    Going forward; the only important part of this plugin for some of us is the fancy tag-cloud.
    – I originally installed to get the bulk tag editing features after migrating my blog, but the tag cloud widget is why it is still on my system.
    – If the standard WP tag cloud widget could support more sort modes, colour (or transparency) morphing and setting of the min/max text size I’d have a good replacement, although that would not help those relying on other parts of the plugin functionality.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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